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The Prat -lice of `Piety. I Meditations on the hinderances, which keepe backe a finner fron the `Pra lice of Piety. `r Hole hinderanccs are chief- ly feuen. I. cfl n ignorant mifta(e of the true meaning of cert. aine places of the Holy Scripture, and Tome o- ther cbie fe grounds of Chriftian Roliósion. The Scriptures miííaken, are thefe: t . Ezech. 3 3.14, 16. CAt what time paler a firmer repen- teth him of his finne, I will blot out all, &c. Hence the carnal! Chriítian gathereth : That hee may repent when bee will. It is true; W henfoeuer a f nner doth repent, God will forgiue; but the Text faith not, that a (inner may repent whenfoeuer he wi1, but when God will giue him grace. Many ( faith the Scrip- ture) when they would haue re- 14 pente ,