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ci C, hr.3 q.3. d rnonet zt prim, .F quod ion fa- ctr,ipfe ma- 'nodo Las- dat, hor- tatu compro- bat alb fyo., stor.8.7 The Epifile leer7 . to Gods fauour, by dire - ÉCrng your heart to begin (like Jorah)in your ` youth,to feeke after the God of Dauad (and of Jacob) your Father. Not but that I know ,th at your Highnefle doih this without mine admori- tion ; but becaufe ¡ a would with the Apof$lc , haue you tot a- bound in euery Grace, in Faith and knowledge, and in all dili- geuce,and in your lone to Gods feruice and true Religion Ne- tter soar there more neede of plaine and vnfained Ad noniti. on : fir the Comicke , in that, if ing, Tema but to haue prom pecied of our tuner, Obfequi- urn arnicos, veritas odium pa -, rit. And no mania feting that . we are falne into the dregs of Time, which being the laf t, ?null needs bee the-rod? dayes. ,And ho* can there bee woe; f eing Vanitie hnovier not how to. bee vainer, nor W ickcdneffe how tó bee more wicked? .1llnd ivhereii Hera