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pp T Prat' lice (Piety. Tiety. 43 7. Hórnes,whereby Gods nature is feparated from all prophanenefe : and abhorreth all filthineffe ; and fo being wholly pure in hinifelfe , de- lighteth in the inward and outward puritie and chaf ity of' his feruants, which bee infufeth into them. 8. . eAnger, f whereby is meant Gods moll cer tame and iufi will , in ch4 ening the Eles and in reuenging and puníJh- ing the Reprobate for the injuries they offer to him and his chofen : and when God will pus nifh with rigour and fe uerity , then it is tear m ed Wrath , t tempo- rag to the Elet4 : U e -- ternall to the Repro- ` bates. 4. The Tower of God is that where- r r Pet.A.q. .1 TefE4.3. Heb.t z. 14 Mark. i 5'.9. Quanta pnc- titat Dei,ad Cusus ajbettnm faxai .,Ange. !i orator pro Mß tentiitate alú rootantet elavni t, San - ¿ ue, Sanâtu, Savage Teh ouate zabaoth. !fa 6.=,3. f Pfal.£06.23, 29,40,4t. Numb2s.tí Ira `Dei xgix eft alewd,gxane volwatßt pw- niendi, Aug. ts. de ciuit. Dei, cap. tq Rnfel. lib. 7 cap. 6 Cur. Daus. Hom. Fu, or de ira is Teo, non pa/iien, enee,- túrf?d vtti- onú acebita- tern wow. Apoc. 19. t t u z Thef.t.aa