Bayly - Houston-Packer Collection BV4647.P5 B395 1632

----- --- .. __.---- --- .., TheTragicL° of Piety. q-; that (nary fuch Áttr:6yate is not alissd alrts4 , anotñer and an- other thing _, but one and the fame thing. There are therefore no Qmantitíef in GOD, by which hee may be faid to be fo mach and fo rnuch : nor tief, by which bee may be laid to be [Arch and filch: but C what - f ,xjla fouler god is, he is ftacb and the diúcna idol_ fame by his Efjence. By this EJ- tifrcat rv+ fence he is wife , and therefore o,nnia qaæ wifedoine it felfe by his Egince runt to dissi- he is ÇoOd, and therefore Goad - :us. ne e it felfe : by his E ante he is;p: . .ÌÌ- Y Ì fca.d.i.q. s m rc# ull and therc,Eore mercj it felle : by his Efence he i614, and therefore Irftice it felfe, &c. In a word God is great, IA ich- out 4ntalitie :.good , tree, and #s without ssalitie : mercifis11 without p,,,r: an ac`i; without rrotw : emery where prefcnt without fight : without tine the fir/ and the lx, ; the Lord of all Creatures from whom all re- cciue thcmfclues and . ail the D 6G6ó