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herefore ertu#lian in .ap.6. cals the Stage, DEaboli Ec- siefram, & Cathedram pe¡tilentiarú tam.s.9. Apoc.zx,aó. Mat si..8. The lúpiitle e gr of ha y Scripture on their Sta- es,as familiarly as they vfe their Tobacco -pipes in their bibbing- houfes. So that hee who Would ráow adayes peke inmof Chrfii- ans for the power,flallfcar. e ßa1_ moll finde the very thew of god- line{fe. Nester zras there more finning, neuer lefje remorfe'fr Pine. Netter was the Iúdge neerer to come, neuer was there fo little preparation for hie Comming. c,And if the Bride - groome Jhould now come, how many, ,vho thine themf luer Sri fe enouçh,arnd fültof ailknow - ledge , would be found ;fooli4 Virgins, without one drop of the Oyle of Taming Faith in their Lanpes? For thegreatef 'Wife- & uri of moff men to this age,con- fifls in being wife, firfi to decclue others, and in the end, to decciue themfelues. And if fometimes Poe good Booke hap! into their hands : or f me good motion commeth into