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.t\. d~~ ·, /cJ?//, · T .~HR ~ ·E-F ,@L D ,,.... -........ T REAT,ISE·: · Containing d1e . . . ··2., S4Jre;and perpetuafi G-vt D E. ':'~~~: S.·A· t:N~:s· ~sefjJ;enricfring ExAl\.11·NA~ I o l't·. ::~.i . .. . " SQ_~/e~fo.ttmg F~ s_T .x N 9-· . -· . · ., 0 R, ~•~:~~ ~ ME n i ·'f·.A T x o N·s , Concerning the WoRD·, the Sacrament of the L.on. os S-\V'P~ll:a.R-»and Fi\s T .I N G, • BY ~~~m.."" ' ~TheLabQU:rsofthat lateR~verend~and'Learned .. Divine, ~affer· Ro n:t: aT· Ito L 'r o·l';, Bache. · Jour in Divi~itie., and fometitne~ Preacher ·of•G~ds' Word .:1t' B-r~nghton· i.q , . . ' . )llorth•~pton-jhire. L-0 N D 0 N, . . . .J Printed byE~PJ(,rflow, for Rttph.s H4.rf6rd, in ~eenes-head'...Ailey in Pt1ter-N(jffer-Row, at the Signe of the Gllt Bible. 1 6 3 4·

TO T H ·E' -RIG H .T VVOR·SHlPFVLL, I o H N C R. v E , Efquire, one of llis Majellies lull ices ofthe Peace . and ~r«•,&.c. fortheC~untieof . NO R THAMPTON: ·C. C. ~i/heth encreafo of GrAceand Pea~e ·- ;n C Jlll I s T, here ; and eter11AIJ · GlDrJ hereafter. ·- R I GH''T 'YV 0 .. s H I p F V L L,_ ~~,~~M0TH Law and well ...:::--=-_,;] approoved Cuftome bath long eil:ablifhed it,That theHeire $Jlvt#.St~lllt - fhould fucceed inunil?eifum jwdifun8i,and have intereft, title , / and juft claime to all the po!feffions and rights.of the pa~tydeceafetl: yea, theyadde alfo, that h~reditu · (a 2. tr4nfil •

- . . '- J: -~ ~·:·~-~~~ ·~~;:~-:;-:.:~~~~-~- :~;~-;~~;· :~-~~~~ ,(f1, ~~- ;~, . ' ·;·:··-~ -~ . . . The Ep;yll~ 'Dedict~torie. _lt'Anftt cum 1nire,th&Inheritance cannot beI . feveredJ:rom the troubles and incumbran.. ~es that ·goe along with i.t. Vpqn \_V~ich ground,feeing_it nathplea.fedyourw{)rtby · · Father, Sir ·ThomatCrttl, (who·is now at 0·~[l4»-.ov reft With {tifl,\ IS T,Wbich:i:s_;?E·!exceeding/y ~:,:U.7,~j . . forre more better than aUother excellencies - - the Lordhadhere gracoo~bim .witb) with,, much favour and.~'Yilling~effeto undertake. . the~F{ltroQageof tbefePoflh~mou~Wri.. : tings in his lifetime ; myearnefl: defire un- . toyo_ur Woriliip is·, (wllo·ar.e Patru . h~t:es /<~·G•l.J·'-9~- ex·4Je, and,!doubt not,_bucalf<:> *focy_ntlum- :prOititfionem}that yottwouldadrnifilfl:er in thefe,_as aparcellof hisgoodsand chatteJs~ •! I . 1 y' = · (as ~~eyc~l~chem)an~ (u~c~~~, i~ _th~pti;) ."· .tcct:ron-af·tnem : That-as tlie mcmone:of your·narurall Father is- preferved .and ha.. noured in themJo-the honourandgl0ryof . your f.pirit~lJ . mar. be prornoted and ad:– .vanced:by-thefe.. · · . · · .. Befi_des which.premiffes·, I ·hope ·that . .thevery ~am~of~~tw0rthy-ancrf~ith- . full -Mm1fl:er of lEsv"S- CHa I s T ,Mafter (}{_~b~r.t 'Bolton -(ni ·~Mif!Je!.,.\4, , t:h~c late bright1htmng,Starr.e-· in the Firmamept·.of~m·r · ---·"'" '"" . ChtlrCh ~ - .;,: ••. • 44 .d)i.- • ",;;,:a•• ; i 1.

.. . "'· '\ . .· 7he Epiflle'Detlictttorie. r 1· Church; a-man bo~h well knowne and ~ --- t .approved of you , as being a neighbour Minifier, and fo gt·eatly renowned for his Learning and Labours in his former \Vri– tings, amongfi all thetn that have-read thenl, that theymay acknowledge it to be more truly faid of him, that was fome- - · titnes fpoken ofv1rifiotle, · * That his very ~ ~v ,.b.rt[.(DV }Jen was dipt in Vnderfl:anding , and,all t;«t:. rou.O · kind of Learning was _the Inke that hee Epigrllm. wrote withall, in regard ·of that profound wifedome and refined knowledge and elo– ·quence chat flowed from it:) I fay, I am confident, that his veryNan1e will make · . an eafte way for his Writings unto your · \Vorfhip; who for the care and endevour – to ·advance the glory ofGod,and-to further ~ the \Velfare and edification of his Church; : and for the love to godly and painefu11 Minifiers , and the godlinefie profe!fed, · preached,and thexn,and many other gracious endown1ents wherewith the Lord hath enriched you,have the love and admiration and high efl:imation ofall thofe that feare God , that know you, or have heardof you. · · . · , · ( a 3) . This

- . ·· - ! '•i . J.!' ~ I I I I I . r· '· 'Ihe Epifl/e Vedicatorie. Th~s confidence bath emboldened me CO p fent chef~,. enfuing Treatifes unto . your Meditation, and .Patronage 3 befee:.. . ching the - ~ord of his n1ercie-eo fanctifie them'to your owne :and theChurches be– nefic, and t:o·bleffe your felfe,and all yours . with all fpiricuall Bleffings in.hea– venly _things, in I E svs ._. CHRIST.. I '. c. . Q. '

TO:: :T H:E CH-RI ST I A N- , ' ) READER. J r G o oD Rl!.ADB:tt, _ m" "' ~ Ct~nnotdenie,. but thAt theArgumentJ I handled. in theft three follor~ing Treati~ ~~ fts, _are common, and the ordinarie.Juhf~ je8 both of many sermom and prtnted <e BookeJ in theft dayu : yet wee know, ~that the commorteft MettteJ doe yeeld the moft wholefome nourifhment, whereat new-feund DifbCJ doe hut .. · clogge the flomacke, and Jilt the body with un~holefome humour J. Beftde.r;if the found a!zdnewma1merof band– ling ~ommon things may commend ibem, (as it ever *·did) then I hope, that this Worl·e wiU be welcome ~ 1t01rA, 1(1JV~~. - unto thee. Thou knoweIt well, I doubt ~t, the jingu- , lar tlexteritie of this Reverend and able MiniHer ~ I E s v,s CH n. n 'l' , by his former writii2-j!,.r, in handHng the Scripture, how bee fhewed himfelfe (as Paul exhort~th- Timothy, 2 Tim.z. 1). to he) aWorkman that needeth not to be afhamed, rightlydi- ,- viding the·Word of Truth. Onely underfland not fly the right dh'idingoftheword~ the fubtle t~nd curiom ~p~n~~"- .;;.~ ( ~ 4 )_ ;, choppiltg 1.6-pv,qu:dfit.

,• I' ' T .o the Reader. I ------~--------------------------- ----! choppingt~namincingofthe word by D ichotamies, D ivi._ {ion.r,and sub-divijisns,(too ordinarie in··thefo dayes) but (aJ the meaning of the word if, and the syriacke verjion co#rme.r it) tohandle~tndp~eAch the word aright, i. as JnJtet, Bt'{,. in M. Bcr:_aexpounds it well; For the DoCtrine it felfe lofum. to omit nothing that m'ake~ for the clearing ofit; roadde nothingofhis owne,to diminilh nothing, eo manglenothing, to wre!l: nothing; Iaft:Iy,to con.. fider diligently what the capacitie .of the hearers · is able to beare, and whatfoever may tend to cdifi– Full.Mifc.Sacra cation; or,a.r let~rned Fullerexpounds it,to fct open · 1.3·'·•6· or make plaine as it were the right way of the . Word of Truth. so.thuworthy Author hath done; he - h~tth trac,edout anil opened ·the right 11'AJ oftruth and ho– , linejle out ofthe holy scriptures. Hif Writing.r.J may juflly commend for three.orfoure not&ble exee/Jencies.(tonAme nom~re.) Firfl, For their cleare liflo1Jerint. ofJinne, and their exaHftarching itndfifting ofaChrijli11ns het~rt,toplucke ' qffthe.Yizard~faUfortJ~fHypocrites, and to bring tq , light, 11nd lay open ~o the eyu of the.World, by the TtJuch– i {JIJneofTruth,theircounterfeit ~tndunfound Gracu,and ' tofind out·the endleffe winding 1 andlabyrinths ofJPiritu– ): a!/guile in folfdeceivinJ hearts. Thif hedoth exceUently by-the clcare light ofG'fJdJ word,rrhich hath lln4dmir~th!e ; xt~nxo1 ~~~~- · -c;ertue thif tray, Heb. 4· 'I 1. heinga.difcerner of the . p.nQl~»v. thoughts & intents ofthe bearr,andputting 4 cl~are difference hetweene the pruioiu and the vile. · Seco~;~dly,for the Sti,le,as heing:fuUofdivinedoquence, hiiLifi and Pen dropping abundance of the fweeteHDf that word, which if fweeter than the Honey or the dropping Honey-combes, Pfa!. I 9. I o• . ~. Thirdly, ·-----~--------------------------------------------------~·

<To the Reader.. - :· Thirdly-, The .Author being 111 mttn ftJ. weUverfod,inAn– ' dent.Writers of the Primitive times, thoumayejl finde inhil Bo6kei (?tofm-aOtafle;vhereef,you have in Y A. mt4ch heiterufem~4e 6frt.k.e~~:'ba_b~Z!"J; than u made !Jy mAnjDlvines:, fieinghe liat~·zliVjrl/ abpp~tzntly o,ut.of them tbe flri8 poin:ts.offanclijtvati{)1h .Hif~f~tjom indeed in·thefelajl,[eemcnetfo_n;;:.meromas inhit pre'te: .dentWerkei •• ·the_: rt'AfOit..U;.becaufe in'thefe,for themofl· pilrt, the .Authus-~reonelj quflt.ed~ theirwordi -not pro* J.uced,[oml ofthtm;md therejt mt of the fomt"Edit(on; fo thAf his Refere!fces,little help~d au ttJ ·. his intendedMAttere ~ · · . · . ·. . · . , .. Fourthly; 1 may not ~mitihttt· (wlifc/i.inothir;wrfttrs il. &ommonlyaccounted hh•me-worthy, but 'inhim' it Jint:u– Jilr. exct!Jenciej And-commendahle) .hi! long digrejfions frsm his riiaint1fMtter·inband<; ptoaeding; J- conceive, out.ofi thc.-aJ!.~mtJ,~";!.'Df-bil heJ-re, and long e~perirnce in Go_d.c wayes: at>tho{i'f]14~1Jj_ Ung travelling inawAy;&re ··, ~ "Vte-~.zc"quajn~ed~w~th it-,;eranftnde out a!lthe6}wayu '!nd · ·,; hl~nJe patlis--ztbuut it; ~hieh '"'r'.AUfhor hlt:rh~exccDcnP- . . . /y done : ~(;,that VJ hiJ Jigrtf{HnJ DUt of tht ~rdinatie · · .. :R6ad, he ismore liktly tD [et 4-d~tndering Soule i.nte the · · i right TrAJAgaine• .' . · , · ND!~fDr· the preventing (Jf remeving~·Ofallprejudi.:. ' cAte:Opinions ar.ift csurerning theft en.fuin,(. ;· Trtllti(es,(M though,Strumpet"!ike,any Bafl~trdly Brood ,''ful/f~egotten,{heuld he fathered andfAjlened uron ' M·-trulys:erAph1cdli4n~. 1Jivin~.a Ptn-man) thi; 1·cAn : m()re··thanpromife (veibnM·iniftii ), That there it no– th-ing in them,.for matter ormanner, eithe~ffuriom, or · ·furreptitifJm ·; ·nothinghUt what u gtnuintlllna theAu– t~sowne; the immeaiitte ifrue of hu '#or/dng Braine, . . \ · And i

. . ' 1 ' 1 • . l' To the Reader. &nd flowing from biJ owne fo loj'tie Pen. whichmay be~Jeafon~blead.vtrtifement unto theefor the future, from Jl'hom ;~ndwhichw;~y thou Art ttJ . expea, upon the further peru[allef hi!fc4tt.~red M~nufcripts,what et[e fhall ./;e . deemed w~rthy to hepo#fhed, andjiJpublifhed. If there · he MIJ tking in th&t fllhich u here prefented to thyvie~t?, that likesnot thee, hec;~ufenit like theAuthor., failing for depth oflearning,orv;~rietie of eloquence.; blttmenot himde&ea[eri, (who being dead,yet fPeaketh) but impute it t1 theJubflitutedfurviving Midwife,that hadn'ot lei– fureJufficient, it beingc1me to tbe Birth, to attend,. fts bringing forth. I meAne,myfelfe; rtJhofor themulti1,de· of diflratlionJandpre.JJing fJe&ajionJ,jince thefe·WritingJ were intrufled t1 me, a1 al[o for the imperfeBn-e/Ji defeB of theCoppiCJ, could not.frenafo much time·ani· • painu in. the exaffperujing,p1lifhing~1JaperfeBingo[it, ·· aJ1fhouldandwou.ldhaved1ne: rrhich1m~fJ6e theAtri– logie to pleadf•rpardon. ButJCt I hAven1t heene•&!l- . ting to cuUa•~fuchfPAre hfJur~J AJ 1tiJuld, to hring t,hit ·, .worke~o1ight,anatlprela!e.ttfor~h(: Prej(e,AJ &l[o{or .. thy Vttn' andllenefi~; r~htch,I~ape, th1uwtlf}indt;·~J. . · l r the tlue Anddtlzgent re~>dtng MtJ. prAtlijingif--- < . it. which I &Dmmendunto thyfolfe,ttNd ·• thyftlft,r~ith theworke;unto the . L~rl.s 11/e.ffing• .). , Thine ia Chrift: Iefu~ ' . '( c. c. , · •

BY·: That Reverend~, Learned·; and"GodlyMinifi:er ......,.._ ofClirifl Icfus, Ro BEa T Bo-1. ToN, Bachc.. 0our of Divinitie-, and late Preacher o£ . · . Gods Word· ac Brtll/fotln il) . Nortb~mptotr-Jhire·-. 1. 0 N D 0 Nj . I Printedby E. Purflow, for RAphAHA-rford, in.:·.• ~ecnes-head-Alley in P11ter-Noffer-R(JJV, a~ r the Signe of the Gilt Bible. 1 d 34•, ...

. '· .. ,· .• •, ' .. .- .. . , . .. : . .. .. ••r ~ . ,_ ....... ( . ~· __.... .. ( .. ; r. 'd J\ .. r· ,.. (. ·I . . ~ r . 'Cl; ~· I . 1 . .. :; . ' . 1 . . .. . ·~· \ . ,r, 1r J ... j',, ;. - ... .. :. ""'- ~- '-. .. . ..., -~· " .. : \ . "' -· J•• J. ~\ " 4_ :-! '. ' , l ~. • f ,...,. - (f:" ,\of.... , ol \."'"' : (: J : • ~ -~ ·. ! .:. " . ~ '· ('" I • ,"Y ... '<' . ~ • ~) .. ' , . .· \. . l •. .. ' • :. ;,i 'V ,. •' ( ' '" ··"' .. . ' .. . ; . l~_,.)/ · ..·: ... J'1 i· _,. ~ ·~~ · .. . " ~;· .... ~ ~ ~·f~ ' .. ~. "~ .. ;:.~ ~ ,, ', .. ·.~ _ .. -: --

.. · THE "' SA .I N T .. :- S 'l ) . . S-V R .E ·AND .PERPETV.A~L " GVIDE.' p sA r:.: 119~ V E :R.~ 1 os: . TbJ Word ;, a LarMpe um~ "!Y ftet ; tmtl A Light unto my paths. ·. .. _ . F all other pa~ts 9f the holy Bible~ this Booke of thePf4lme.r, (Eenned for the·mofi: part by Davfd, the fweet Singer of Ifrael, and a man ~~~~a after Gods owneheart) is ftuftan4 fill'd with greatetl: plentie and varied~ of precious Leffons and inftru&ions unto eternall life. The choice and flower of all things profitable and comfortable for the right courfe of a Chri-:- (b) flian 1 The Costenu and the be– nefit of the Pfalmes in1c:- ; ncrall.

'The Saints fore ------~ ---------~----------------d--~d~-- 1 tHan life, is therein briefely containe _ ~ an very Ofthe ug. , m'Ovirtgly~~d feelinglyexpreft. Inthem wem_ay · be acqu~inted with the ~ajefi:ie an~ My_fiettes . ofGod, with the'Suffermgs ofCh,nfi, wtt-h un– fained Rep€ntance, unwearied P~tie'nce, fpiritu- · all W ifedome, andwm'ldedull Courage of the godly man, and true Chriftian. In themwe may . behold the terrors ofWrath, and the anguifbes · of an afflilted Confcie~Pce,thecomforts.ofGr'1~,. • (ndrgreat Deliverance~) thewpnderftilh~~orkes· of . Pr6v idence·over this WorId , and ''ll1e -_promifed · lGyes of that World which is ~tO come.' ·:In a. word, all good neceffarily to be either ·knmvne o-r . done, or ~a·d, is {51~ntifulty,asouto(a ri.<7h Trea– furie,reveard anddlfer.. a unto us inthefeheavenly' Songs of David. '· : - ~ ·. ~ in particular. Amongft which, this r r9. Pfolme (a part of which-I have now read untoyou) is, as it were J a, precious I.e~~IJ~p~C!eare Cry~a.~l ;·· W;~erein we_e . may fee the rtght temper and il:ateof true go.dht : I neffe, and finceritie, the rnarkes and properties of all true worfhippers ofGod,the zeale and affecti– ons ofall faithfull Chrifiinns,thevery lively.Ana– .tomic ·and laying open ofa.g09d, and gracious Soule. . -~ TheDivifion Thiswhole Pfalmedoth copfi~of'1 ·z~ Partsor of it, • . Port-iQ-ns ofStaves,or O&aves,€ven juft fo 1mau~y as-therebeLetters in the Heb~ew Alph'llbet,; a.Hd every .Portion containeth in it eight Verfes rand· _. . e·veryVerfe ofeveryPortion, or Staffe, begins _l ', . • '.'. 1 with the fame Hebrew.L'etter. Thewhich fpecif .,_ '·(: •.•• : \. a~l and e·x:traotdinarie -penning and difpofingof . ~e

. / ttndperpetual/ quitle. - thepfalme,dothdeclareand fet_OUt u.ntQus·tbefe Three Leffons to be lcara ed three things : · · thence. 1 The diligent intention of mind, and carefull meditationof theAut:hor,in the framingand compofingofit. - ' 2 Thepreciobllnelfe andworth of the matter , conrain'd in it ; in that it pleafed theSpirit of . .L i God todel~ver it in choiceand fpeciall order. j 3 ·A defire and purpofe, that it might mor~ · - 1 eatily (?e learn'dbyheart, and committed to me- ' _ .!·. r _ l morie, and oft~n and ~arnefl:Iy meditat.ed and· _ !(J " , 1 1 thought.upon,being f~t downeunto us in fo~faire· . · ' 1 ' • .andea!Je order of the Hebrew Letters. , 1 This Parr~or Portion, whichwee have .Bow in .haRd, is the fouteteenth; and dodl: containe in it ! many worthy and gracious Letrons for our in- I ' ftru?fion~nd devotion .inheavenlythings,propG- . fed unto us out of the ptalticeand Chriftiancar- . . ! tiageof this holyPropher,and MAn •fGoJ..)pavid, 'aperfe~ patterne 'ofall true ze~Ie:and - pierie:. I r . In 'the thirtee'nth Portion ; immt!diatelygoing T~o thing~ before,Davidhad delivered.fpecially tw-o things. ob.ervable 10 F . ft Y.J b h. I d . 11 d d the13.Parto tr · , .now y IS ove, rea · mg, uu y_, an · me1 _ditation irt Gods Word,hehat~·attain~d,;moftex- How 'Dav}d 'cellent knowledg' e,wifedome~andundcrfl:anding,· D~c3mhleWifer • r. h - · · . · cnan acne• 1 10 t at therebyhewa.sbecome [Arref!IDrewife thAn mics. hu enem_ies 1 . that is, th~n Saul andall,his p~Iitike ,Court~er.$ . and Counfellon ~(State'.- ·Hee had ,more u?tderjlan/ingtb:~.» hi! Te~chers,~ f~aa t-he grear ~ottors,andRabbin'S ; for all' their dcepe·Le~r~ ·nmg being not fanetified urtto them. He under– flood more .than.the gr~ve and·ande.nt-meelorall (b 2) the

. '• ·4 'The Saints fore the worldly.wifedom~andgreat experience~ they had gathered in many yeeres, and through length o£ dayes; Wl1ere,by thewax,take thi-s Leifon• .. There is no.~vit·9r pol_ici'c,not all the Leaming . i:~~:irdome in the VVorld, or worldly wifedome, can make a– . to be bad ?nly ffi'!fl trulywife; (thatis,wif~ unto ~a1vation) . out ,frhomwandd m · o.nely a pmverfull andworking knotyfedgeout of t c or • ~ . . , . . d ..., the holyVvord ofGo • · -rh RI f4 Tl1e Reafon is : Becaufe afl otber wifedome ·. e :eaoa. · doth o11ely prov.idefoahe Body, fora temporalf' : , B~;daufeothcr i ba[:)ninefftHtl this:lifc . ·for.:a few and ev1ll· day/es · ' Wll• ome pro· ~ Yr ·· . •, , .·~ . , . 'vid.cs onl~ for ,,. and Jea~<es~h~~-;~ouie 'Hl a finft:lJ.a!l_(l 'WretthcCf e- ' th~ body, out ft~tc. fhor.tly ,;.n.tbe.dayofVJ.fttatlGP.,to'~e 0Ver-' ·. thts for the k , d r r. 11 · ~ d ;.,J · • } n foule, / ~a •f;D an ·. 1earea1 y corvoun eu.w1! 1 ura.nge a-:. fionH1u}1entS") horrors; -and:d:efpam:,:· af1d lereaf..: . ,t~r,~Qff..J·l!yltob~ tormc!lt~ ~~on~_llri-\r..~~~d_l?,e- 1 v1:Js ..::n the L<l'ke that bmtJcs -.wldr hre.and Bntn,. froFie {q{evcru1ore; · But .wi'fedornc ou~'of1tJ1c : ! Word Qf:God·d0tb fo.fumhif;;qi1«"m ~S'ou}c~vitii Grace,-nt~cl1all. holy~¥on.~tes ;: .t!:wt r :Prr~~ ~tp;i~1~ 4) f ~ .':;ri: ow- aU ·~reat~ll'.t!S, hee rmay lJv,e comf.mrt.lbJiy-J~ this,·' I .·1./ '.. v•~ .. ' ,r,aic o ..f .t.earcs, and inendlclfe J·ovcs. i~1 ~he-\"'", ,i; · ii,:··. .ll 'I <.I .t'. / , V V JU " ro ~c5nie._~ · · ~ , ... . 1 ..",_ :. .~. .. ... _ ~ 111~\Y ; QJ .. pt:ay y.dn) tdl mo~ .wberher is t;!friy ri1~ , .. i ,r-ft.~o wik~m.~n·;- : beri that for an ·int:h of~tLm~ i.nai< e~ ·:m '' 0 n m4~h ofhis. "Vret~bed. .~.o.d·f ,, ~at )1mfl: 11wn_Iy t'Ot m the grave, and benevourc.d ofWprme's and ~nn~cd)QtQ~uft ;. !:x-1t itftbe rneane rime..,;i2t;·Iiis r ~lJ1Jl1orr<!nSpu-Je,d1at ca:o·ne.v'orydi~;Gn~e~itifadi.e· Dung~on -.o.fevcrla;ftingw,oe and Iriire-de ':' drHer wl1ich by ta·~ing fotm4 an-4 faving counfdraiil cl:irc;Ct~~J)Mt.. of· tllcWord ofrGGd, and how:. . ,. ' fo~ver

J A-nd perpetual/ q _uide. ~~ foever he be J'lated and negleeted of this vaine ·world,yet yeelding chearetull and confiant obc– ,dience thereunto,provides unfpeakable comfort, reft,and blelfednetfe both for Body and Soule, through all eternitie ? · . ' Secondly, In the fecond part and foure laft Vcrfes of the former P<lrtioo, David fets downe the fruit, ufe, and benefit whi~h fprung from his 2 He fcrs downe the fruits of hislt.nowlcdge . , divine ktmwkdge. It fweetned his he;trt with much comfor.t)and fousd -contentment,and ehea;. red him.wit~ joy unJPeifk4b/e, •nd g/orifuu, amidfl: 1 Pet. x.8. all cro!fes and difc9mforts ; it bridled and reftrained him from e-very e,;il/ way; it kept and preferved l1im in the paths ofxiglueoufndfc; it bred inhifl!ahatrefland foathing of the wayes oferror, falfehood,and hypocrifie. Where, by the way, I would give .you this other Leffon. - We muft labour and. be fure that t'!e draw Ol!lr knowledge in Gods Word into praeiice, aet ion, andexercifc; otherwifc,it will not onely be tinez>oa. • All our kllow.. l~ dge mtdl be pr:ia.icall. , profitable and \tnfruitfull unto us ·but indeed bririg upon~s a greater and more fearefull conr dcmnation. For, He that knBweJ hi!,Maften wi!i," Lu~'"·47• and ·doth it not, [b-all be beaten ·n1ith many flripeJ, . Luke t 2. 47. All our kl'lowledge is'iR vaine, ex– cept {?y the power of it our inward· affections be fancrifie'd, our words feafoned with grace, our acHons andconverfations guided with fpirituall wifedome and unfained finceritie. , After Da-uid had thus, in the former Porti'Dn, layddown~unto us, andconfdfedwhat exee!lent knowl~dgehehad got out of theWord of God, ·' (b 3) and · - ~ .,

•'l ' ' 6 · The !our~· ceenrh Part / cxplaacd. • I Vtrf;1o6. · 'The Saints fore and th~ precious fruit and benefit he had reaped and enjoyed by it: Now, ln the firR Verfc; ofthis p-refent Portion,. hee makes, as it were, a prote-ftation and profeffion, that he is wholly and onely enlightened and led· inall hiswayesby this holyWordof God,as by a Light or Lanterne : The brightneffe thereof dothnot onely bringhim intothe wayesof righ– teoufnefie,andbleffed eftateofChriffianitie;,f:mt doth alfo condua and guide him inall thepaths. and particulars of.his life and ae!ions, in all the parts and paffages of his fpeciall -caHing :· For he faith, Thy word it 11 Lampe unto my feet] that is, lwhereby I fee anddifcerne theway toHeaven,apd· the narrow path through the KingdemeofGrace; t~nd 4 Light untomypaths] that is,.aguicl.eto-direcl me in every particular fiep, at every'turning,.that t fo I may keepe a ftraight courfe, and. the readie I way to the KingdorneofGlory. That Davidhad thus wholly yeelded and refig:. ned u.p himfelfe to be guided and governed· by the glorious Light ofGods holyWord,appeares in theVerfes following. Firfr, inVerf. to6. by·a fo.Iemne Oath and fa~ cred refolutioo t.o keepe Gods righteou-s judge– m.ents, and an unfained and coafrant purpofe to performe the fame; I havefworne, and wi!J performe· it,that I will keepe thy righteoUJ judgement!. Secondly,inYerf.to7. byhis patiencieand fuf.. ferance of wrongs, difgraces, and' affflicrions, .which, the wicked and prophaneWorld heaped t upon him) for his profeffioa of holineife and. ~n. centt~.

andperpetual/ Cjuitle. 11 7 I --------~~~~~~~~~~- ------ 1 ceritie. For, excep~ he had loved and-followed - t the Light of divine Truth, whenfoever the fire of 'I i I -_-. perfecutionand tribulation,becaufe ofthe Word, had aeene kindled againft him, hec had fllrunke backe and fallen away; I Am ~Jilifled f)ery much, quickenme, 0 L6rd,~tctJrding to thyword. Thirdly, inYer[. Io8. by the efferings of his J · ~ mouth, and calves of his lips; that is, the fpiri- P'et'f.Io8. ,: 'l t~all facrifices of prayers, t~ankfg~ving,.and gractous Vowes for Gods fen11ce, wh1ch wnh a free and fervent fpirit,and earneftdefireof acceptati1 _on, he continually offeredunto theLord; 0 Lor,/, j ./ befoech·thee,•ccept thefree-~i/Jofferingsofmy ,Duth, · : MJd teachme thy juelgtmtllts. · . _ I Fourthly,-inYerf.Io9,IIO. byhis ftedfaftnelfe 4 and flicking to the Law and Woid of God, ""f. 1og,noe thoughbee_was befet .and ·ftrongly incompaffed ·; with fnares,withdangers, and with death it felfe: L. 1 i. H il foule wAS, continually in hil hand; tha~ is, hee was · ready and-refolved every houre rather to partwith ,his life,thanwith a good Confcience; tG lhedhis . ! · bloud,rather than to for fake the Truth and Corn· 1 • mandemeats of God : My Joule u continually inmy · ( hand,yet doe 1net forget thy LAw: The wickedhavelaid . aJn&re fsr me,yet I errednotfrtJm thy Precept.t. , . · In the two ldtVerfes,upon the-former-re~fons 1 s 11 heeconclu~es thePoin~; That his heart and in-_Ver{.ur,tn~ ,J i ward affed-1ons do dearely embrace Gods olelfed 1; "'! ord, a5 a mofl rich an~ la!l:ing Inheritance, as I i Ius·fweete!l: and greatefr joy ; -and,tha.t bee bends all thepowers ofhis foule,and befi: endevours, to be led witb>and to follow the Light tbere(>f even . (b 4)' unto ·..... . . ..

·l' . I 8 I ',_ \fheSain.ts·fore, unto.thc end , .ltntill it brint,him tG immort~Jitie and Light; thAt no. man can attainc unttJ : Thy teHi– moniu ha1-·e 1 Mken as A.n herit~Zge for et'er,for theyare the rejoycingofmy heart .:: 1 have inclined-my heart to· : per[Qrme t.hy S,tat.utes alway, tvm to the end.. · , Thus you fee in.gcneraU the mea-ning of this: · Portioa. · Before now I defcend unto particulars ~ and $itemarkes cocliftinguith come to garhe.r N.otcs fcveraily from the Verfes ' a godly man inorder; letvs take notice, I bcfeechyou,(forour , and anhypoinll:. ru&ion andexamination ofourow-nc·foules) critc. ' 1 , · of fixe notable .markes, an<i fignes, by which a · 11 tr.ue Chriftian may be difc~rned from a Tempq– rizer, ; a·fihcere_. fe.rvcr ofGod·,. f.rom a carnall · Gdfpeller. · . · . . 'fl'tr{.·IO$, The firfi:T gather dut of the firfi:Verfe: Every fonne and fe.rvant ·of God doth with b~umilitie, chcarefltlnc-ife; and obedience, yecldand fubmit hirnfelfe t'o bewhollyand onelydireCted andgui~ ded by the Light orGndsWord,inall his wayes, both genera_lly,ofChr-ifi.ianiri(l~ and partieLtlarly, of his fpeciall ca]ling; af1.Da'llid here-did. But · : A gedly man is guided by tha Word in all his wayes. ' . i I A natu·rall the nnt~.trall man, thott -is not yet entrcd into,-or mannQta·t:~lh acquaintedwith the fiate of Grace, is led and gui– ded inbis courfes onelyby the Light of Reafon,- ' and·worldly vVifedomc ; by ·good Meanings, w~rhout grmmd ·and 'warrant 0ut of theWord. · byablind and ignor<tnt Devotion; by the Mu1~ titude, Examples, Cu.tlome ·of the Times;and fuch likeblind (;uides·: But ifhe takeaay-aclv1ce·. and direltionout of theWordofGdd, it is but in part, byhalfe.s, andfor.a time9A·.fecond !--------~----------------------~--------~

- ' I . . ttnd~erpetuall qutde. . · \_9_, A fecond artfeth .out of the fecond Verfe : ,, Every Child of God do~h not oneiy promife, Vertto6~ .vow and ·putpofe to forfake and;abandon all his He performes. .> · h f I d. . . all hli Vowes, knowne finnes,towata care u lyan ·confctona- · b!yover all his.wayes·, to delight in and to fort himfelfe witli,godly and g·racious companie., to Ijave a refpe6t to all his Commandements,and 'to ·. kecpe-his righteous Iudgements; _but heedoth al(o.truly and throughlyperforme. 1t :·· hee g<'es through-!Htch ~ with_his fpiritua-11-.aftaircs , and . ~ with C0rifianci~ ql1d courage walkes in a fetled' courfe of Chrif\:ianitie. But the unregenerate · An un~egene· man not yet foundly feafooedwith the .powerof rate.mandoth · ' ·. • . . not pay thcat. Grace~ hm~vfoeverhebath fomettmes gpndmo· · l tionsand _PUrpofes arife inhis heart,t~ fdrTakehis i former evdl wayes,an~ to fall to.godlmeffe; how- · 1 foeyer. in the time. <?f Skkne-~, .of fome great 1Iudgeme!~t~ or~-hen-. his Confcience -is te~rificd by the.~1ttufieneofthe Word,when he fenoufiy . thinkes upon the day of his death·, and of that greatandlafi Iudgement;orthe like; heemakes Voweswith>himfelfe,-pcrhaps) that hce will be a 1 ~ew man,G.ndchange his courfes :· B.ut when he is once out of danger -againe, w-hen~ he-.comes to' th~ , ~~aim:, and practice, he is not fo good as his word,· he doth not payand performe his former Vowes atJd purpofes ; hee is -prefently choa:kcd againe with worldly Cares,and.-drowneddn eardHy Pleafurcs : And fo~all~isgoodneJfe u aJ a..;l;orningCloud'" ·'i:lt{l. 4v · and'tU themorningDeaw itgoethaway. · . · · T~e third-marl~e lyethjndie third Verfe: Every . .J',; Cbdd-,of Go.d"'dbt.h with\ contented patien~e; Vtr{.IoT., ." · with ' i . ,. ! l i. t ! I . I l ·1

- lO He patiently faffers. pcrfc:~ cution for the Wqrd. !The caraall :Gorpeller · jfparc• him· felf-e• , .l ';. -'The Saints fore witha·rongdependance upon Gods providence, withrej?yc~ng in his futferin,gs,bear~ and.endure many and pretfures layd·upon lum, for this profeffionand prall:iceoffinceritie. Hewell 'knowes out.oftheWord of God, and feeles by ~is o~neexperience, ThAt ·tt!l Rl~ich Jtff' !ivegod!J tn Chrt.ft Jefm, JbttUJujfer perfecllttfn, ~· Tun.3. I~ . And therefore hemakes up his account with ~he World, and is at a point withall that is under the Sunne ; bee is perfwaded,. th4t All·t~e&1/JiBioflJ of thillife arenot ~etre ,orthy the gl~ry Jllhi_chfh•./1ue .reVtllled, Rom.8. I 8. But thecarnall.Go{peller he thinkes itis good llceping inawhole skin ; heloo~es for a Gofpel ·ofeafe, fora foft arid filken fervice ofGod·; for a ~church (as one fpeakes) .All Df Ye/vet. And there– fore,rather than hewill fuffer any lo1fe,Qrworliog, :any diminutionordifparagement inhis outward 'e.fl:ate-,in his·reputation,wealth, and worldlyhap– pineffe, he will mAke:fbiplf'r4cke efAgoodConfcience; 'he will yeeld to the corruptions oftheTimes,and with the greater part , reft and repofe hirufelfe peaceably and pleafantly upon his-Bed of eafe d . and carnitll fecutitie : never coafidering, that th~ ! --Croffe is the Chriftians· triumph ; that ChriA: j ! himfelfe was crowned with Thornes ; atid, that ' weemuH throughm.1ny ~tjftiBionJ enter into the King- ~a.r~.~·. dPme9fHeaven,A8. 14.2z. . ·4 A fourth.marke gathered out of tl!e ~~~~~:quent fourth Verfe : Theprayers and·prayfings of God, inprayingand In the mouth of Gods Child-, are frequent, free, th!:~:;r nor. _and fervent ; but with the carnall Gofpeller, they are

·Andperpetua/1 (j·uide• .arc very rare, cold,. and formaU. The Reafon is; . Gods Child is veryfenftble ·efhis corruptions, TheReafon, :and wants,. bee fiill' longs and gafpe5 for more ·grace, witha fpirituall ta·fte he fweetly relifheth Gods great mercie and goodnelfe unto'him ; he· • ·liath the love of God and the fpirit ·of prayer thed into.his heart by the .Spirit of Adoption; : and therefore his heatt is as fuU ·as the Moone, of · · godly motions and meditations.,which like acon– tinuall Spring fend·s out groane~ and ·ftghes un- . utterable, manyzealous and faithfull prayers·and · thankfgivings~nto his graeious ·Godwith a free and feeling atfe6tion. But the carnall Gofpeller,. becaufehis.underfi:andingwas never enlightened~ his heart never trulyhumbled,hisaffedions never fand:ified; becaufehe bath no fenceofhiswretdledeftate,nor prefent feeling ofgrace,nor found hopeand aifuranceof happineife il'l Heaven;why, · therefore benathnogreat mind,or beart,or Iill: to ' prayer; heehathno great delight, or exercife, in this 'holybuftneffe f and if he aoe pray (which is ' but feldome,and cold-ly) it is but lip-labour,a.nd· · loll: labour' becaufe it iswithout faith, and fte- . ling ; for fafhion, cufi:ome, orcGmpany, becaufe · hewas fo taught in his yoath; or that he fuper- . fiitioufl'y thinkes, thevery worke wrought, and·a · .numbe~ ofprayers· folen~nely faid over, will fan, , aifie btm. A fifth m~uke maybe gathered' Ol:lt of the fi'xt· : ~ and feventhVerfes : TheChild ofGod dothnot Vtrf.,o?,-no. onely paffe through with patience, for the pro• ~e ~ill tore ·fiffionofGods.truthand finceritie,l~lfe and'infe... ~~J~fe for, r:iour , ·

; ' I I~ A"temporarie is offem!c:d. 6 ,,ru, A Child of Go.d 'ounts · ~the Wo~d- his greateit Trea. fure. "'Verf.I~~. AI Vtrf.1• · The R~.afon, • I ·riour miferies ; .as loffeofgoods, Ioife of friends and reputationwith the World, flanders,di!gra.. .ces, and wrongs: but heealfoh9ldshiffoule (as it were) continuaUy in hithand, as Davidhere fayes of aimfelfe; readie (ifneed be.,. and the times forequire)even'to lbed his bloud vnderthe Sword ofPerfecution, or to lay downe his life in the flames, rataer than to difhoUQur fo mercifull a God, to betray his holy Truth; .or, by.his back– fliding and falling away, to hazard that Crowne of Glory,whichby the eye of faith he bath alrea– die in light. But the .carnall Gofpeller, in time of peace and plentie,while heJives quietly,and at cafe, without .crotre or troubl~, in fa.ire and Sun- · fhine dayes, may perhaps be a ftout and pc-remp– torie Profdfor, but bee---ever fhrinkes in the wet– tillg.; hepul~s in the head inthe fierie triall : ever, · when : tr~uble. Qr per.fecution commeth, .flecaufo of.the word, byandbyhe il ojftnied. - The fixt marke is gatheredout of the two laft Verfes : T-he Childof God holds his Wordfarre more deare thananyprecious Treafure, than the richefl: Inheritance .., . than * great Spoyle.r , than * thQufondJ .ofGold ANd si/~er: It is the joyofhis heart ,; and therefore it indin~s and inflames his affed:ions with love and zeale to doe Gods will, and fulfillalthis Commandements. And no mar– veil though the true Chriil:ian fincl moO: found andunconceivable delight in the Word of God, the Dottrine of Heaven: Forby it, he is borne a– new, and made hcire of Heaven : by the Light of it,he fees his .Name written in the Booke ofLift; never

andc. perpetuall ·(juidc: ~ ----------------~~------=-~~~- --- --~.--~ nevcrtobe raced·out by·nun,.or UeviU; all. the· A Chrifiian r.. d · · ··r. f r i · d •man hath fuch · l'WCCt an grac1ons! promues §> 1_'1. '{atton at~ afl'ul!ance in comfort revealed, are fure·his owne.: So that the good thencehe knQwes,ancl .1s.pcrfi'V~ged u_ndoqbcecUy~ ,thins~ or the r:. . " d 'lld r. . t.· ·c. · -woddtocome, that aftera IC\'V an CVl ayes !P~rit.m ~l1ts'n11~;.e- ~hat he can ea. rable life,he!iball rem(JJne'and Jeigneet~rnally· in ~!Y mode_rax~ I 1 ~f G d f et. '· 11. I t: . 1 " I ffi d·s .. . haaffctbons t.le g ory o o .,o . - ~Jt'ln__ e~u~,tJe o. e .€ · · pra' touching nt,and theholy_Angels, BtH lt ts,onber.w!lCWHh earth ly ~ nd the carnall -Gofpeller ; .Jqr what(~ev~r . fbew l) r' tr~nfi~ow: fi . h k ,.,. " ~ . .- .l . d thwg . pro.te ll'tlOO.. e·m.a e.s tOty.J{;~_9Jltrary,.xe~tuu~e It ib o~herwife in his heart,aifeWQDS)ilt)d_.pra6tiGe,_., ·he,@ .-pre&ifr~~- w~th ao Hypo· bis . pleafuh~·s·jrlches;an,d profit, before l~earing> of cnte; GodsW(;}rd, fanet:ifying hi~ Sabb'aths;. ~nclo_be; diencc to)mis. Command~ctnts '(·~Aoo Df). marr Andwhy? veil: for becal1fe hee yet never ltved the llfi.hz5 r . faidt:, l:hittis a:rneere:ifhingC1i ito:tllt0 rnyaeri~of 1 godJin~f{e,,hecJiath,n<liti'.lie>iots'r;e.(lu_ottf~~·nd a·f.~ ' - furance in the joyes ofan!3ther;WorJd;:~b~l.tbore ,f~re:fecds:bne!r:an~:.fil~sJjj~lf~lfd.w.itt: ~firD?ie 1 a.nciear#Tlif.;[! zr~c~ _. !'1 :flcrrt I ! ~ j . · jNumi be~etrl£y6n 1 ...belaved :in ,G}hri·ft·!efits) · : l~_t. c~e~·y ?~c w~th fingleh:el{ieof heart .an~ ·(!nee~ !– ntte~x- an?t?ehts f~wrre Snt;le ·anH_LtheJfpltJ~ttall _jl Ra~e<ofh.Is<G0nklen:ce~by ihufe[g~gne~~nd JM:arksi· \'trluch l royou,.out oftheex-=: . an1ple,apcl:precedencie of the' £br:i£Hat{ affe'tli"",: ons and holy difpo!ition of David, 1a fan&ifie.d . rnan~ and_a_r;r:indpalLp~ttetl1e o£pie~ie anm~eoalc ~ ~or aHrfa!rhfull011~s.. ~(~-cw.yQu _m~ ( f~irt;~ ~herApb~\·,·cDr. 13 . ~-~ - fHe). that IefttoChrtfJ ~nn yo~ , e:~cept J'W1Vt.. r.epr(}- ' · bates t So nndoubtedly, if Iefns Chrj{fbc"in you,.i(~o~ be:ofiV4:lVids ~e.ll1per~ :rliat 0 .. IS, _. I 1:

,, l· ~heSai11tsfore , ; I4 .. - -·· . -- , _____ .......... ____________ ~;...... ,is, alreadie pofft'Hfed ·of the fiate of grace, and . :markedout by the Spirit offand:ification,for the !glory that ·revealed)ycudoe find in fome good meafure thefemarkes and fignes ofan holy · I' • c • man inyour (elves. - 1 "I:hat you are enlightened and guided by the Word ofGod in all your wayes. · · 2 That you havenot ondy good motions and .PUfpofes fer a zealous and co.nftant fervice of God; butdoe' faithfully:,With unceritieaad inte- . gritieofheart petformet~e fame; · · . _· ( . 3 That you futfer joyfully anc\ patiently af– ,fl~cHo~s and.difgrace ~n theW~rid , for the te- ~ ,.fhmorue 9f. ~od~ Truth-,.and profefli~n Qf fineeritie. · · · .. ·: . · · · . ·,. _; . . : . · .. 4 ·That you fre~l yand,faithfully, \viith aureh~ · feelinganctfervencie offpit·it, offer diytyprayers :andprayfes unto theLord~ . 5 Tl:r~t you.bad radiefpatt;with·the·deareft : · and m(jlft .Precjous things in this·Hfe, nay, 1 felfe,~~n the ffrviceof God, and the telH- ' ~nieofagoGd Confcienee~ · · . · 6 That you have mme.comfort and delight in .hearing, readisg, meditating, ronferring of, and :applyinguntoyour·owne fo~.rles rl1e ·holy.VVord of God, than in the treafures ·and r;k>ry of the~· whole Earth. ' · , . S:uch ruarkes- aS'thefe ·yqu:n\ufl: ,finde'.in your feives, ifyouever,meane·orhope-to:findl:! tru6con– tentmenrin this Hfe , or the comforts·of Heaven .in the life· to come. Now~cometGa·morefpeciall · and partic.ular con-

anc/perpetua/1 (juile. . IS ·conficle1ation qf ~y~ry Verfejn.or-d(tr; acd thence; c~~lgatb~r futh·No.tQS.~ntl· Dn.etdnes, .as·may be'!l: infi:m(t us inthe(w;a.y. to. Hoa~~n. · · ·. :: . · .. ·Firft;D·ai.•idrteHs usin .tbe.firft Verfe; ·T~atGod! P'erf.xcf•. ex. ' ~ord #..A P.~nt.ewe ·t.O hi! feet, t'n.~IA.L·ight. unto .hu plained• . pt~PhJ .. Which~hat youmay better un:der(land, l The Word is. will tell you th~meaning.of tb~ .wordS:) ~nd. extaken three .plaine UOtO yoo the feverall tearmes. . · wayc:s, · Firftl ~.he ·word ma.ybetakenthreew~yes• . · -1 . ·. J; • For..,tbe~. f~Bif.ant~all W.~nd ~of. G.o'cl.; th:~ feFor the fub. b • fiantial Word~ ~ood Per~ot.t.ih,tbe•Trinitiei:l•h.l: ••r ·::.Jk ~he '£ginrdng PJM. the•W.6rd,:atJ.d the W,orduvarGrld~." · " . .: . ~ · 1. ~ li: may betakenforthewrittenand·.founding The written Wa,rd ; ::as it:ooety, nrik~s theear.e, a-nd informes and rounding·. )h~ tu.tide.rlbuiditlgj•lult ~tiS>llGbc_onv~:yed,n€id1er Word. 4Jekes ~i~intp'tdie .heart· b.y thepowerfuUaffifiancel ' ~nd fancl:ified concurrenceofGods S.pirir, it be- . . J~gpot prayed·for to the·converfionand .fanCl:ifi~ . c.a~i0n of 'thewh@Ie.. man; ~1\n:d · fo t,he Word is · · ·ht!~r.d and unde'rflood·bfmany,that;fhaUnever be· .f~Jved,.b,ttt returnes .unfruitfull. ' · · 3 It may be taken f0r the working and effetl:u..; The effctluan. ' all W~rd,as it is the f..{)wer.of G9d-unto falvation,; as Ward. it :is rightly underftoo.d~~af'plyed· unr0 tihe lieart_:s.o,,JoJ.xG•. .and Confctenc~ poffeftofrb:e thoughts and a-ffc, ·ct.ions, and praetifed in the life and con~erfation. · _This Word thus .underfiood, ' inlived, managed, . and powerfuHy·applyed_by theSpirit ofGod;Nas.' a Light unto·Davids; and [ aguide unto thepa·ths ofall trueChrifiians,to the worlds end. . , . fnay-under!tand lfow tll~ Word is-a · what~$m~nt" ; L.~ght, you- mtJ.fic~nlider,, . byligl:n? · x: That ·

. • : \ ' i"' 16 .. 'The S~tints fore r. That Chrifl: i> calledLight, I oh. r. 4· The Minifl:ers a~e called theLight ofthe World,Mat. Maq.x4; 5. r4. The faitbfull are Lights, Phi/.:. I 5, I 6. Phi!. a. tf, 16 • The way of: the ri.ukteow (faithSalomon, Prov.4~ I 8.) Pl;w. 4• t 8. 'J ~ fhint:th as the Light, that fhineth more a~d more vnto theperfe8d~y. The WordofGod is alfo called a •. • s. :: Light; as in.this place. But firfr, . 1 Chrift is Light ofhimfelfe, and originally; h~ · ChrHl: origiis the Fountaine and everlafl:ing Springofall the sally. Light of Grace and Glory, both.jn Heaven and Earth;· Hee•is called, The Sunne of.Righte9ufnejfe• The Sunne; you know, bath his Light rooted in .Mat.,..z. his owne faire Body,and receives that from none other; and.with that, bee enlightens theMoone, the Statrres,the Aire,the Eard}; ·~all· the..W odd-: , Even fo the ble!fed Sonne of God, the Sunne of Righteo~fneji'e,bath in himfelfe,and from himfelfe, the Light ofall W ifdome and Knowledge, Met– de.and Comfo~; and from· him floweth and .fpringeth whatfoever ~ightof ' revealed unto his bleffed Sairits·and Angels in Heaven, or whatfoever Light ofGrace is lhea into the hearts ofhis fonnes and fcrvants here upon Earth. · ,_ . ~ .The Preachers.Gf,the Word .are M inifl:ers . Minii\ers, miand Melfengers ofthis Light; and therefore are nifierially. · but Light minillerially. They area.r theStarre.r,. and fo they are called) Re'tJ. I • .20. They receive 'Jt•el. I,~o. .all their Light from the Surme··of Righteoufnejfe C H R. r s T I n s v s , and either doeor fhouldcon~ vey and cafi: their borrowed beames upon the' earthly, cold, and darkfome hearts of thepeople Atl.~6.tS. of God) that they might turne.from Darkenejfe · to

.and perpetual/ quide. I7 tfJ :Light, from the. pori~er ef S4than unto God, AEt. 26. 18. 3 The Word is Light infirumeiually.; which TheWord . . being powerfully fanctified unto us for our falvainftrumen~ ·tally. tion, and being holden out unto us bya confcionable Minillerie,is as a Candle or Torch,toguide us through the darkne!fe of this World,unto our eternall Reil:. · 4 Lafi:ly, the faithfull are Lights su.bje£iive.; The faithfull b.ecaufe they receive thls Light into their Vnder.. are the fu~ jects ofthis ,. 'fiandings, (whereby tHey fee the Wonders of Light. Gods Law~the Secrets ofhis Kingdome, and the . great My1lerie of God!ineife , ·ap~- l~1e way to . H~aven; } into their Conrden.ces·, (whereby = . tney have their fin full miferab le ~fiate by.nature I ·,difcovered unto .tb~1~~~~~4ih~~¥ t?'~~ti.ft . [Qr remedie and falvaci~fi j·•·) :~!i ·t~;eftL~ffe.6l:.ions_, . I (whereby theyareenkindled:with zeale for Gods . truth,honour,and fervice;) it1V> ~heir acrions,and : converfatioi::t,.wh.e:re~}L~l-wJ .fli:i~(4il-:.~lh.t.s in the: world, amidand-ug,htit:lln#:cJ:6dkli;J,.clffe»i!fion,Phil. 2 • . Phit.z. If~ I;. And after the Sunne. ~f Righteoufoejfe once a- _ rife in their hea-rts, like the $unn~ in the FirmaI ' ment, they fhiRe more and more in all holy Vertues, unto the perfe8 day , untiJI they reach the heightofHeaven,and the full gloryof the Saints . · ·ofGod. · . In the third place, [Py Feet] is m~ant his minde ~ and underfl:anding , his affedions, thoughts, Whatismeam aDcions, hiswhole life, all his wayes. All thefe by Feet· in D4vid, were guided by the Light of Gods Word. - · · . (c) Laflly,

1 8 \ 'The Saints Jure_ _ _ .tf . \ Lafi:Iy, by ~aths, are meant every _part_icular Wbat,by P~ttbr • . fiep, every turmng and narrow paffage m h1s fpe- : ciall calling. For this Light,the Word of God,. cloth not onelyguide amans feet intothe1vdy ofpeaccJ arrd put him in the-right way to Heaven; but-alfo goes alongwith him,inlighteas and directs every fiep.that his feet doe not fiide. It fo informes him with fpiritualtwifedome,_ that bee !ayes holdon everyoccafion forthe glorifyingofGod,defcries every little finne,an~;appearance of evill, difpo. • 1 feth every circmn fiance inhis aC'tions,~ith a good ,confciencc,and warrant ofGods Word. The mealling j This then is the meaning of this Verfe. David, ofthcVe~fe. · the man of God had the Word ofGod workin'cr ·I 1\ powerfully u_po~ his ~oule,.as a L~ghr : , thar·, is~ As a Lampe 1s to the hfe and fafette 'o£ the body, · ) ; in darke and dangerous places; fowas this Light l ! to the life and falvarion of Davids foule, in the darkefteffe of this·VVorl.d, and Chadow-of death ~ I )Toguide his feet and paths;. that is,his.mind,affe&i- ' ons,thou-ghrs,acHons, life,all his wayes, I and ev_ery particu_Jar fiep arid paff'age thereof. .. Th1s Verfebemg thus underfl:ood, let us now '1 come to gather fome Leffons and Doet:rines for our inll:ruCtion. . The firfi: (hall be this: · •· '])aft. ,.. there is no man can hit the way to,Heaven, or . walke in the paths of Righreoufnelfe, 'through . the Kingdome ofGrace in this World,.unto the Kingdome ofGlory in the World to come, ex-– cept he be inlightened, informedJ and infirueted I . in the holyWord ofGod .. The · r------------------------------~-------

• and perpe-tual/ quiJe. The fecondNotewee gather out of this Verfe, (hall be this : · The \Vord of God is a Light, not onely to guide us into the ":ay to Hea~e~, a~~ infiru& us in our generall calltng of Chnll:tamtte; but alfo to leade us along ina courfe of go4linelfc,and to direCt: U$ 2articularly inour fpeciall call in~. I will firft followrhc former DoCtrine; which in few words, and plainely, I -thus propofe unto you. _ - Noman can at firfl: finde the entrance, or after hit the way to Heaven, except hebeenlightened and led along by the holy Word of God. For D;~vid, as here wee fee, a man of great worth, and underfianding, otbenvife excellently andextraordinarily qualified; could not find our,orfollow any other Gttide,or direction to Heaven,but onely the Light ofGods Word. _ The Reafons of this DoCtrine, may be thefe which follow. 19 'DoCf. z. The firfl: maybe taken from the infi1fficiencie ~afo• r. and inabilitie of all other meanes, to bring us to No other H . meanes can eaven : as, bring us 1 o I All the greatefl: Learning and deepeft know- Heaven. ledge in the World,will fiand us in little fiead in .N~t humane this bulinelfe: Otherwife it had gone well with Learning. many ancient Heathens afld Philofophersofold, who fadomed as deepe, and reachee as high in :the depths and myfieries of all humane Learningand knowledge, as the light of Reafon and firength .of Nature could poffibly bring them: And yet they vvere utterly {hangers to the life of ·.· ( c 2 ) . grace,

10 'The·Saints fore Epru.u.. I ' grace, ai1dwithout God in the World. when they pro-] fejfed them[elves to he wife, they became fofiles, faith P.tz1l, Rom•. I. z 2:. They were puffed up with a . little vaine~glorious knowledge here upon Earth, . and got them a Name amongft men: But; alas, ! what was this ? When as for the want of the Light 0f Divine Truth, they loft their Soules in another-World, and· their Names·never came in the Booke of Life. where if the wifo ?. ( faith PAul in another place) »:here is the Scribe? where u the Dijfuter of this World? ·As if bee fhould have faid:: A;ll the knowledge of the greatell: Doelors and learnedeG: Rabbins in· th~Wbrld, without Grace, vanifheth into no~hing, into v-aine.:.glory, ernptineffe, and aire -; riay, cail:s them \"vith greater ·horror ~ and confufion, into the Pit of Hell. Every man (faith Ieremie) u· a Beaff by hi! owne knowle~~e , r-'1.!11~ ·tn~·':) ''Ul.::IJ I ere. 1-o. ,1·4 .. Except, belides ·aU other know– ledge, he:- be enlightened from ahove, and have thGtt D·ivine knowledge fan&ified um:o him, hee come- no neerer the ha-ppineffe of Htaven, than avery Beafr. Nt>tworlJly . · z World~ywifedome and policie is fo farrc wife.d~me. frommakisgmen wife untofalvation "s that it is !r~:J~c:~~:lr: no.t onely ~arke fooliHmeffe ~irh Godar:d good · &roam brain, mes,-_but It doth ftrongly fet1tfdfe-and IS af en. fi~nd atodcles, . mitie aD"ain-!l:cGod. Therefore faith ·God· -Lwi!J wull anever· t-> • • ' . • ' . laf\ing oppo-.. deHroy thewifedome of the l'liife, and,m!IcaHaway the £tion>~om.8.7. underftanding~ftheprudent,* I Cor.1. 19 • .Ahitophel ' i .)1 1 cor.~. !9· was fo wife even in the affaires ofKingdomes,and · l :~. ~am.t6.:a.3•· .bu fine{fe.QfSt.ate)that the -couJZfell-wb-ithhccoun[eUea l zn .

. dnd"perpetuatlquide. 21 ----- .in thsfedayu, w.u like as one had asked COJNt{e/1 at the OrAcle of vod 3 and yet all this great wife4orn~ in the'end ended iuC'Xtreme folly : for tJpOn a little I difcontent and difgrace in theWorld,hefatl.led hit. "s.m. tt·"~· 1 Ajfe,~Cnd JtJent hgme unto his Citie,4nd put huhou:[ehold · -~ · '· :,4nd hanged himfelfe~ z Sam.I6. 23. & 17. · ' . 2 3. Altho~gh theend o~all world! ywifedome be not fa Chamefull in theeyeof theWorld, yet uiidoubtedly-it is mofi: miferable and wofull in . the World to come, except their wifedome be fanttified and over-ruled by theLight of,Gods Word. Carnall wifedon1e can' neither preferve a man,nor prepare him to die b:leifedly: it f;annot .fi:ay his Life from going, neither can it ftep the Curfefrom commit~~? it cannot deliver him from damnation in the -world to come, but rather encreafeth the grievoufndfeGf his puniihment : for in this life it bath kept poffeffio·n againfr heavenly w:ifcdome, it made him uncapable of all good inG:ruCl:ions,it ~adehim impati~ ent of any rebuke, and held him in ignorance and ·dife>bedience all his life. · · ' ·u . l . .3 No goodmeanings -or intent~ons;without Nor good. knowledge and warrant in the Word ofGod, will mtaning.. \, ever ferve our turne for falvation ; nay, indeed they are abominable and hatefull in Gods fight. Howfoever, thoufands deceive themfelves in this . ' ' ' point. Yzzah had. agoodmeaning,in 2 Sam.6~6. asam.l.6., when hee put his ban~ to the ArkeofGod, and :l held it; for the Oxea did tbake it: but notwitbfl:anding,the Lord was very wroth withVzzah,and I ':...G_o_d_fm_o_te_h_i_m,_.l_· n_t_h_e_ra_m...;..e__;.p-la_c_e,_a_n_d..._t_he_r ..... e_h_ee_. __.;.;.;.;.;;.__!:· _ l(C 3) died; ,

.- l ___ ---..::__'I_h_e_Sa_i~nt_s_fi_ur_o- ___ _ ---- died. ltJm;,es and John had goodmeanings, when. they called for fire from Heaven to-con!ume the 4 h·1·h1J· . 1: Sam. If,._ Samaritan, that would not entertaine Chrifl:; . but Iefus rebuked them, androlcLthem .., they lme~ not ofwhttt Jfirit they were.. Saul, in I Sam. l 5._had Cl!. good meaning, when he fpared .Agttg,and the bell: ~ ofthe Sheepe,:and ofthe Oxen, tofacrifice them. unto the Lord;.but notwirhftandingSamuel tells him; that h'e had done wickedly in th~ fight .oftheLord~ and tha.t theLord'hadrent the XingdiJme of1fr~t·elfromhim that day. Peterhad a,good meaning, when in Ioh. 13. 8. he wouldnot fuffer Chri!l: towafhhis . feet; but lefu!J anfwercd· him,.and toldhim, If/' · wafh thee not, thou fbalt have no part-mithme~· Goodi meanings then are wicked miffings of the true fervice ofGod) except they be guided by know-. · ledge, warrant, and groundou~_of the ~ooke ,of1 God. Let-no man.rhen.teH ofhagood·meaning, ifhe beignoran~in die·WHt'ancd Worctof-God-; · for certainel yit wil Inever ferve tne turne, it will ~ never hold.out iil.the Da.yof Chrill Iefus•. · ,~Not~will.wor.. · 4 No w:ill-worChip,._ or will-fervice:; or volun- ' ;fuip . ~rie · Religion, as.rheApoO:lecalls ic J CB!. 2. 2 3-' CPI..2o~ 2..3-. which is forged and framed oq_r ·ofa mans owne braihe, humour, and conceit, without ground or · warrant in the Beokeof God"; t·bough·it be~ per- · - .. .furm~dwithneverfo glorious a·thew ofzeale and· patnc:S",yet it is not any way avaiieahie for ourfpi~ rituall good,and eternall happineffe: nay indeed; . i~ iS mofl: odious in theeyes ofGod; and ever Iy. able toaveryhigh degree of wrath and ven- . ' geance. . . . . . ., . JJ.u.fs.~

andperpetual! quide•· Bttt-ls Prophets, I Kings I 8 ~ :aS. were fo hot and 1 I<J•g;ts.,t. hafl:ie in their will-worfhip, thAt they cut themftlve.r with knjve.r, And launcers, tilt the bloud gufheJout upon .them. The Papills they whip themfelves, they vowContinencie, perpetuall Povertie;and Regu.- Iar-Obedience ; ·and yet is the profeffion and pra-: dice of both,bloudie and idolatrous. VVhen the Iewes wotJl.lippedGoaafter the devifed falhions of the Gentiles, though their ~meaning was to wor!hip nothing but God, yet the Text faith,they • tl'trfhif!ell nothing but Devils, Deut.JZ. 17. And Deut.31..I7~ God there protefrs,that therefore 11 firewa.r kindled in h«wrAth, th.ft fhould burnt unto the bQttDmeDfHell, a.nd[et 1n fire the foundAti•n.r of themountaines. So hated ofAlmightie God is all fervicr and worfhipdevifedby.the wit and ~ill ofman , without warrant in theWord ofGod. · 5 Laftly;nottheVVordofGoditfelfe in the Nou'heWar.J Letter .. without the lipirituall meaning, and the itfelfeinthc • Letter, with.. finger of Gods Spirit to apply it 'powerfuiJy to out rhc moa· . 6Ur foules and confciences, is any fufficient'rule ning~ oflife,or able~ to bring us 'into t£e Light ofGrace. This appeares in Nicedemm, who was a great Dod:or in the Law, and the Prophets, a chiefeMafter Ioh.3.1o; And Teacher in lfrMl; yet was a very Infant and Ideot ia the power ofGrace,and myfrerie ofgod-– Hneffe. For all his learning in the Letter of the Law, he had not yet made one fiep towards Heaven; for hee vvas not onely ignorant of, but had a very abfurd and groffe conceit of the new birth; which is the very firft entrance into the Kingdome of Grace • .Forwhen'Chrift told him, bee could (c 4) not