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4z'ÿ I cwt Difcourfe of true happiueffe. ked, or theirmorali vertue or policie, or fomeby-refpe6, or by accident bee turned into love; becaufe by the prefence andprayers ofthe Godly, they many times efcape judge- ments and receive bleflings. Yet, I fay , howsoever it bee thus bridled, in it felfe it is more then ordinary or naturali, and hath in it fome degree andmixture of helliíh virulency. Ordinary hatred expires in the downe-fall of hisadverfary ; Nay, anyone ofgenerous mind (out of the intereft he cha- lengeth in the commonBateof humanity)will commiferate the diftreílé and affliaionevenof his greateft and bafeft e- nemie; but much moreof one of noble fpirit and eminent worth, and morethen that, of one that bath followed him with all offices of kindneffe and love : yet the flame of this hatred is fo fierce and fo fet on fire by hell, that it is not ex- tinguifhed evenwith the blond of his fuppofed Oppoflte, but barbaroully fports in his miferies, and with infolencie tramples upon his defolations.This appeareth cleerely in the example ofDavid, Pfal. 3 5.15. But inmineadverfstie they re.; joyced, andgatheredaloof-elves together : the abjeíls of f ernóled themfelve.r againfi me, andIknew not ; they tare mee andceafed not. Who without indignation can thinke upon thefe lewd companions, and bafe drunkards, that with the falfe fcoffers atbanquets gnafhed their teeth,andcruelly infùltedover the mifery and difgrace ofthat man, that was a man after Gods owneheart, of incomparable excellencie,and fokindly affe- éved towards then, that when they were ficke, hee clothed himfelfewitha facke, he humbledhis foule with fafting,and mourned asone that mourneth for his mother ? You fee then the fountainsbothof the greater floouds of bloudy perfecu- tions, and the lefher ftreames of inferiour vexations, as ílan- ders, raylings, and falte imputations. To force particulars whereofofnow come : Firft for Pride. It is molt certaine thatPride truly fo cal- led, is the moll peftilent and incorruptible Oppofite that Grace bath : and therefore he that is moil fanaified , molt fights againft it. For betides that, this fiery dart is deepely impoyfoned in theircorrupted.nature, Satan knowes out of his