Bolton - Houston-Packer Collection BX9339.B65 A2 1641

50 ( A DïfcorarÎe of trie happsnef.'e. greatneffe, inhonours, in government, or any kindofprece dencie above their brethren, to a proportionable excel1en- cie ofzeale and fan6lification:For certainely as power, poli- cie,authority,being abufed, and not fan&ified to the owners, become in the meane time, prongpillars for the f ;pporting ofthe kingdome ofdarkeneffe,pefüfent infiruments ofmuch mifchiefe, and hereafter fhall bee foundly paied home with an anfwerabledegreeof extraordinary vengeance, horrour, and torment: fo,great wifedome,great knowledge,great ho nours, being imployed impartially, refolutely, and unrefer- vedly , in foliating and furthering thecaufes of God, in flrengthening the cold and languilhing hateofhis Religion, in refrefhing the hearts of his Saints, which ordinarily are opprefl and difgraced by the cruelties ofprophane men, pro- cure in the meane time,great honour to his great name,great . good untohis Church,great joy untohis Angels, great com- fort unto the foules of the owners ; and fairer and brighter crownes ofglory to their heads in theworld to come. And fo Icome to the Third reafon, whereby the formali hypocrite doth falfe- lyperfwade himfelfe to be in the hate oftrue happineffe and falvation : and that is an outward happineffe and fucceffe in worldlymatters,much plenty andprpfperitie inhis outward hate. For thus hee reafons in his owne thoughts, and playes the cunning Sophifter todeceive his owne foule. TheLord, thinkes he withhimfelfe, bath marveilouflyencreafed me in riches and honours,he bath lirangelycontinued untome my health andhearts defires: The fecret influence of his blef- fing bath ftill fellowed and profpered mee in all my buff- nefíes and affaires ; thereforeBoth he conclude, undoubtedly I am protected fromabove , my hate is the hate of grace, thefe many loving favours mull needs argue, that Iam in high favour with God, and thefe outward bleffings are fignes that my fervices are fanótified and accepted of him. But in'the Schooles we fhonldtell him, that this is a fallacie son caufa. For all outwardhappineffes are for fpeciall rea- fons, and by particular indulgence more often , and very plentifully