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Difcourfeof true happineffe. fand times brighter then the Sunne, and fees cleartly our in molt thoughts ? Wherewith (hall we comebefore the Lord, or what {hall weoff,: r unto him ? WilltheLord 'bee pleated with then9Inds of Rams , or with ten:le thoufand rivers of Oyle ? Shall weegiveour f rfi bornefor our tranfgrelion, even thefruit ofour bo4ie,for the/inne'of ourfoule ? No; though we gaveall that we had to the poore, arrd our ovine bodies tobe burnt : nay, if it were pothole, that by our meanes we could vindi- cate the foules ofall mennow living from the jawesofeter- naildeath ; yet all wouldprofit us nothing, except our hearts I be first purgedby faith, pure from anevill confcience, and poilett of a found and confiant love to God, his Word, or honour, his truth, and fervants. Let this then bee the conclufion to this point : Though a man were a morall Saint , and Angel among the Pharifes, abfolute in all other pxrfections yet without the inward power ofgrace to give'them life,he is but a spectacleofcom- miferation to Angels, and to men; even as that body is, which adorned with fundry other a quifite beauties, wan- teth eye-fight, the chiefeft grace that Nature bath in that kind to bestow. Or as a cunning Organilt, skilfull in the outward touch ofhis Inilrument,yet without wind infpired cannot pof ably strike the eare, or pleafe the heart withany melodious node : fo though his anions bee flourifhed'over with a faire tinaure obout°.yard religioutnefe and he exach inmo. all honelty ; yet without thebreathaïid life o'fgrace infufed,theifcan be no true fpirittiall harmony in his af4ecti- ons,words, or converfation,that either will beget found joy and fpiricuall delight inthefoule, or beepieafing inthe cares of AlmightieGod. You fee then,beloved in Chrift Iefus,that theperfórrnara ces of outward dutiesofReligion, *eventhebell; fuckas'are Prayers,hearing thetaordofGod,receiving the Sacraments,. Almef-deeds, and the like, though they beegood in theiti- felves, commanded ofGod, neceffary to bee doneof 'every Christian ;yet ifthey beedivided from inVvárd'fan&ìficati= Onand finceritieof heart, are fo faire from putting' its -ìißó poffeaìon' i