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Difourf oftrue happine. of lerufalem, allthe evill that I have pronounced againfi them ; IWill doeunto this houfe, Whereupon my name is called, Wherein alfayetruf , as Ihave done unto Shilo, I Will ca them out of Chap,. myfight : AndNeillmale this City a curfe unto all the nation! of theearth. And the Lord was fo unremoveably and fetled- ly refolved upon this point (fith he had fo long preached un- to them by his Prophets, as he bathdoneunto this land, and it would doe no good,) that he bids the Prophet meddle no more, for hee would never Ileac him againe: Therefore Verf.a6, (faith he) thou (halt not prayfor this people, neither lift up cry or prayerfor them, neither entreate mee, for I Will not heare thee. The judgements upon this land have beene many and fearef?hll ; I doubt not, but we have feene with our eyes, e- ven thofewhichare very neere fore-runners of that great and terrible Dayof the Lord. Wee have feene ftrange and prodigious apparitions in theayre : weehave had unheard-of plots andpraciifes againfi our State. Oar land bath long and extraordinarily groaned under a fore and durable plague, whichbath ftueke clofe to the bowels of this Citie. The fea bath broke out of her bounds, and fwept away ma- ny as righteous as our (elves: wee have felt fachextremity ofbeateand cold, ofwhich I thinke thefe parts ofthe world are not naturally capable; fo certaine is it that the finger of God bathbeene in them. Thepooreof the Land evennow grievoufly ugh, andpine with aprefent famine. Letus then examine our felves in this point. Have wee laid all thefe judgementsuntoour hearts ? have weebeene truly humbled by them ? have weby a diligent fearch taken notice of our fìnnes, and grieved for them, and abandoned them ? havewe mourned and cried forall the abominations that are done a- mongft us ? Why then bleffed is our cafe, our frate is the Rateofgrace; wee(hall befare to be marked and fealed in the fore-heads,by theAngell ofGod, for his fervants, before the vials of' finali defoiationbe powred upon this Khgdome. But ifotherwife (which is rather to be feared) if he bath fnitten us, and wehave not forrowed ifhe bathcorrected G: 3 us