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LA Defeóurfeof true happineffi. is the roote and thebranch, thename and the remnant, the donne and thenephew.. Our land that beforewas as the gar- denof Eden, had this time adefolate wilderneffe : Our Church, which was before a harbour ofSaints,hadbeen by this time a poole ofSnakes I meane,an habitation 'fPa- pifts. The faire bodyofthis City, that before was enlived withmatchleffe glory and worth, fhould by this timehave been arent and difinembredcarkaffe; and thatwhich is worft ofall, theneglectedand forlorne limmes, infpiredwith the doctrine ofdivels. Let us then examine our felves in this point. Have thefe incomparable bleflings melted our hearts into teares of re- pentance and thankfullncffe? Have thefe cordsoflove drawee us neerer untoourGod in al knowledge,love,and obedience? Why thenwemay afl'ure our felves of agood teftimony, that our foules are leafoned with grace. But ifit be quiteother- wife Ifthefe'great and undeferved mercies have bred inus amore frozen coldneffe in the f rvice ofGod,. a more pre- fumptuous fecurity, and afounder and fweeter fleepe in fin: If fince our miraculous deliverance, unparalleld by all Nati- ons,times, and flories ; there hathKeene amongft us no leffe prophaning ofCo1s Nameand Sabbaths then before,. no leffepride and drunkenneffe,. no leffe oppreflïon and ufiiry, no leffe uncleanneffeand unconfcionableneffe in our callings, ro leffe ignorance in the Wordof God, and backwardneffe in the wayes of holineffe, no leffe contempt of godlineffe and godly men :. Nay;fall thefe gather head andheart,:more ripenefleand readinefle to receive the flame of Gods fierce andTaft wrath :. If there be rather a fenfible dec<,yof the faire ofGod,ofzeale,.and truefincerity amongft us : If -Pro- phaneneffe,Atheifine,Popery, and a luke-warmeneflú in Re- ligion, like amighty Torrent, rah in violently uponus dai- ly more and more, and fearefully prevaile and domineere in 'mßíí places: Why then (you are a peopleofunderftanding,) I leave it toyour owneconfciences, toconfider what mutt needs fhortlybefall us,.except we gather our felves before the 'decree comefoorth ; un1effe by fpeedy humiliation and uüfai- ncd1 83 17