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L4 .Difcourfe oftrue hippine, theSchooles, is a worthyhabit. compounded of'inte/li&entia ; which is a naturali light andabilityofapprehending and ac-. knowledgingf)eculati.'e principles, the foundations and fountains ofall humaneknowledge : And ofScienria ; which is an habitualland exat 1 knowledge of all ncceffary conclu- lions anddeductions, by the force of reafon, and labour of difcourfe thenceailing, andgrounded therupon. But 77rar- denriu, though it befeated in the underffanding ;. yet it ispra- aicall, in re1i ec`t ofthe (fibjc1 and the End; and is thefove- raigne & guideofallother vertues. It doth ever amid the ma- nyvarieties,un :certainties,&paffages ofhumane actions,wife- ly,and lioneilly confiilt and advife,judge: and refolvei manage. and execute. Even juif fo,thefe two heavenly habits,:c.*& aw,:esrs7rvrv,u4 lnai,heavenly wifdome and fpirituall prudence, flied into every fandifiedunderianding by the fountain of grace, are buffed and exercifed about fupernaturall T ruths, andmatters ofeternall life. By the firft, the child of God having the eyes of his mind opened and illightned; doth fee the great myfteryofSalvation, the fecrets of the Icing dorn,the wholecounfell, & the wonders of'the Law of God: He doth know what the hope is ofhis calling, . and what theriches of his glorious inheritance is in the Saints : He comprehendswhat is the bredth and the length, and the depth, and the heighth. By the fecond he is enabledwith a judicious fincerity todeliberate and determine in cafes of confcience; in theperplexitiesoftentations ; in all ¡traits, ambiguities,and difficulties incident the confderation and carriage ofaChri¡tián; andwithfpirituall difcretion to guide and condu%t all thea&ions ofgrace and every particu- lar, both in his generali and fpeciall calling. This explicati on premifed, I come to tell you,that the Word ofGod doth not take fireand laffing root ; clothnot dwell plentifully in the underflandingofthe formal' hypocrite,by thefe.two di- vine habits. Firft, There is a right noblebranch ofdivine. knowledge .. and heavenly wifdome, fpringing out of the myftery of re- generation ; Inwhich,as I take it, the formali hypocrite is for