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Vifcourjeef true fafpwejje. naughty and crooked generation, in the fight and cenforc of God, thebleffedAngels, and good men; though to the judgement ofthe world, and eye of prophanenefle, his glorious graces ever did, and ever will appeare to be nothing but darkeneffe and diflembling. You may conceive this difference thus: The Sun-beames (you know) are not onely call and {hed into the inferiour Orbs and aire; but are firft rooted in the Sunne, and doc inwardly and univerfolly fill with light that fake and glorious body: It is otherwife in the jnoone; for howfoever ihee receive light, for the cheering and comforting otherbodies, yet ihee remaines darke within,and in refred ofherfelfe, it ferves onely to make her frots more confpicuous. Itis juft fo in thepoint we have in hand: The light o fdivine knowledge in the child o fGod, doth not onely fhine upon the foules o fothers for their inftrudion and refrcfhing; but doth firft fully illuminate his owne, though not to an excellency o fdegree, for that is referved for heaven ; yet to aperfedion o fparts, o f which onely ourmortality is capable. But in the formall hypocrite, howfoever it may fometimes difpell ignorance and-errors fromthe mindes of others; yet within hee is darkeneffe in the Abftradinre- fped o f laving light, as is every unregenerate man, Efhef. 5.8. And his light o f knowledge in refried o fhjmfelfe,ferves onely to make his finnesmore foule and finfull, his damnation morejuft, and himfelfe more inexcufable. Tor heethat knmeshietnqftersmil, anddoth it not>/hall be beaten'toithmariy flrifes, Secondly,, the knowledge o f divine myfteries in Gods child,, isentertained'and enjoyed with a peculiar kindeof fweetnefle;with an.hnpreilion o f incomparable joy and,plea- fore : It is farre fweeter unto him then honey,and thehbney combeH e hathmore delight in it, then in all manner o f riches: It is moreprecious untohim then the gold, yea then muchfinegold t i t begets and ftirres in himflagrant defires. and ;ftcdions corrcfrondent to its precioufneffe. and excel- lencie. But it is not fo with the formall hypocrite; for his earthly-mindedneffe,bywhich his affrdions are (as it were)