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28 The LifeandVBath ebarity. loved that none could juRly quarrell with him, but Papifls and otherSetaries, as alto others that were corrupted with error or evil! life, 5. Lady for his Charity,heewas ever u- niverfaIly bountifull, but efpeciallÿ hee ex- ceeded inthofe publike diltrelles ofGerma- ny, France, 3ohen, &c, and to thofe that flood in true ncede; for the enablingofhim- felfe hereunto, I have heardhim often fay (&he made itevident to me) that ever lince hewas Miniíler ofBroughton, he fpent every ycare all the rcvenewes of his Perfonage ( which wasofgoodvalew) in the mainte- nanceofhis familyand as ofhofpitality& charity ; Andthattheeflate wherewithGod hathbleffedhimotherwife,wasmeerelyrai- fedby thattemporall elatehehad at firiLLet themtherforeofhis owncoatefromhence- forthceafe totraducehim,whom theynever didnor dare to imitate.I am lure theTowne ofBroughton will ever have caute to bieffe GoD for his charity : for when that lamen- table fire was among them , September zi. AnneDomini í6z6. befides the many pounds hee