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e finn,VIMINPVIVIPsi ,...,khavert f rraent to t&Reader. Good Iieaeler, Sother Works of this incomparab'Ie ,Autihaur have their fealefo in fpecial this Poff-humus,his laft and bcflwork on Thefoam left dloiega. No foott-erwas it put to publicke view, but prefently it was taken up,and readwith muchcontent. I fuppofe thetfore that much wrong would be done both to the de- ceafed Author,and alto to futvivingReaders,if impreflion fhould not be added to i preflion,fo longas it is fo much deGred. In this third impreffion rhave taken the bell care I could, to have the whole Work reviewed:net for alterationofany part of the Authors matter or Method (For who dares offer to alter that which fuch aft Apelles hath begun and finifhed) but for a more ready finding out both oftheprincipal[ points appertaining to the maine fcope of this Treat tif,and alfaofother veryufefull and profitable paffages which are here and there, even everywhere on fundry-byoccafions, inferred. For the Author was .;uUofmatter. He was well furnifhed forany paint,thaton the maine or onthe bic(as we fpeak)fel[ out: and an. fwerablyhe tooke occafion to vent himfelfe, and at large to handle *what he obferved to be moll needful[ and ufefull,Inftance his Trea- tile ofMarríage,pag.46,47,&c.of heavenly and earthly loy,pag. fg. &c.OfTrait i,pag.64,&c. and of fundry other points, whereuponhe fals.Now that none ofhis precious pearles may be loft, but rather e- veryprofitable point be diffinEtly obferved by the Reader, the Heads of themare pointed out in theMargin; and that what everyone molt defireth to read,may be more readily found out,an dlphabeticaU ln. dex is herunto annexed,Theris elfo in this edition added, more then tat' the forme r, a pious &powerful Serino» preached at theFuneral' of this Worthy Author, whichdrew abundanceof reates from the eyes of the then prefent Auditart,andmay yet further worke on the Readers thereof. I commendall(good Reader)to thycourteous ac- ceptance,and to Go a s gracious bleffing.