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A Difeeurfe of true happine /e. neflie, and outwardreligioufiieffe,being in themfelves good and neceffàry, and a good ftep toChriflianity : yet by acci- dent are many times a ftrong barre to keepe men from the power of godlineffe and unfained fincerity. Becaufe, when they confider their prefent courfe is in good acceptance with the world, and that it may well confrtl with the free enjoyment of their honours and pleafures, at leaf} arifing from their beloved and fècret finnes, they willingly and pe- remptorily ref}and repofe upon it; contented withaproba- ble errour ofbeing in theRateofgrace, and with aplaufible paffage unto eternall death. And the rather, becaufe they know full well, ifthey fhould ftep forward unto forward- nef e in Religion, and that inward holineffe, without which they (hall neverfee the face of God, they lhouldnot onely raife upagainft themfelves many thundring tempefts, ofthe worlds infolent, falfe, andfpitefull cenfures ;but alfo even from the bottomeofhell,many difturbances & fearefull ten- tations. For I am perfwaded, while aman líesfecure in the courfeofunregeneration,`if the divell canprocure it, he (hall enjoy his hearts delire, he {hail bring his enterprizes to paffe, andnot fall into trouble like other men. Heeonely then be- gins to beftirre himfelfe, when a man begins to flir towards grace; or that by his traines, hee bath. brought him to force pointofadvantage, to force dead lift, to his death-bed; that he may have a full ftroke at his deftrulion, that he may fud- denly and certainely fwallow him up, body and foule ; and thenhepayes him home with a witneffe; for eitherthrough fenfelefneífe,or defpaire, he finiteshim downe irrecoverably into the bottomeofhell. Thefe twoobjeelions thus prevented;I come to the proofe of the point i hand. And fir$, thefe reafons followingmay demonftrate, that hee which reaches but to civill honefty, comes farre (hors of being in Chrifl, andconfequently, of true happineffe. Firft, forceof the Heathens (out ofthofe weake notions and inclinations to vertuoufneffe, which corrupted nature confufed I y imprinted in their minds) attained agreat mea C 4 fure, a