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e.ís Difcourfeof true Flappìneffe. In thisplace, by(naturedman)is not meant only the carnali and fenfuall man,fwinifhlywallowing in vanities andplea- fures : but as thebeft and foundeft Interpreters conceive it , evenaman con ldered with the whole compafleofthe reafo- nable foules poffibility. And mans reafonable foule, by that ltrength it yet retains(Gnce it wasby God juftly difinherited ofal fpiritual patrimony,for Adams rebellion)may purchafe force kind of perfe4ion. Firft,in it felfe it maybe excellent, if endowed with a (harpe wit,aquick apprehenfion, aprong mind,a piercing judgment,a faithful memory,amore mode- rate will,andmilder affeetions.But ifby industry andArt it furnilhand fill every feverall faculty with thofe ornaments and qualities,of which they arenaturally capable, the perfe- aion is much more admirable. Atli yet befades thefe excel- lencies in it felfe, it may fhine glorioully toothers,it may go further,andenable it felfe by aaion,experience and obferva- tion,with fuch anuniverfal wifdome;that it maynot only be fit & qualified for notableoffices of fociety &entercourfe in politickeBodies, but alto reachunto that depthofforefight, and large comprehenfion of circumdances, that it maybee worthy imployment inaffaires of State, and in thedireetion and guidance ofwhol kingdomes. All thefeperfections may concur upon the foule, andyet it remaine ftarkeblind in the myfteries ofSalvation. Imagine them al joyntly inone man, and in the highel} degree of perfeaion and excellency , of which.unfanbtified moralitie is capable,and let them beene- verfomuch admired,and flatteredof theworld;.yet without thefait ofgrace to feafon them,& the lifeofgraceto animate them, they are but as gay and rich attire upon a leprous bo- dy; as jewels, chains, and bracelets, uponadead and rotten carcafe. Let no man then deceive his owne heart;he maybe enriched with fingular pregnancie ofall the facultiesof the foule, he maybe ftored withvariety of thechoifefft and pro- foundeft learning,he may expreffe inaáion and civili hom- ily the abfoluteportraiture of Ariflatlea morali vercues; bee . may be as politick:. as 4hitophel,Whofe cotaafell,wh:ch he coun- felledin thole daies, was like as one had dated connfell atthe Oracle 19 t Sam. i6. 23.