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BALE. 103 book ; and says, he designed to complete this history in four books, which should detect the foul lives and practices of the monastics, both men and women. He published the two first parts, which he dedicated to King Edward, and intimated that theother two should presently follow; but it is supposed they never came forth. He, at the same time, published " An Apology against a rank Papist, answering both him and the Doctors, that neither their Vows, nor yet their Priesthood, are of the Gospel, but of Antichrist." This was alsodedicated to the king. The Apology begins thus : " A fewmonths ago, bychance as I sat at supper, this ques- tion was moved unto me, by one who fervently loves God's verity, and mightily detesteth all falsehood and hypocrisy : Whether the vows expressed in the xxxth chapter of Num- bers give any establishment to the vowof our priests now to live without wives of their own ?" This piece was answered by a certain chaplain ; Bale published a reply. During the above year, he likwise published his " Image of both Churches," being an exposition of Revelation. Also, "A Dialogue or Communication to behad at table between two Children." And " A Confession of the Sinner, after the Sacred Scripture. "* By these and similar productions of his pen, he so exposed the delusive superstitions and vile practices of the Romish church, as greatly to exasperate the party ; and Bishop Gardiner, the cruel persecutor, complained of him to the lord protector, but most probably without success.+ During Bale's abode at Bishopstoke, where he lived retired from the world, he waited upon the king, who was then at Southampton. His majesty, who had been informed of his death, was greatly surprised and delighted to see him; and the bishopric of Ossory, in Ireland, being then vacant, he summoned his privy council, and appointed him to that see. Upon which the lords wrote the following letter to our author : " To our very lovinge friende Doctour Bale. After our " heartye commendacyons. For as much as the kinges " majestie is minded in consideracyon of your learninge, " wysdome, and other vertuouse qualityes, to bestowe upon yow the bishopricke of Ossorie in Irelande presently " voyde, we have thought mete both to give yowknowledge " thereof, and therewithall to lete you understande, that " his majestie wolde ye made your repayre hyther to the Strype's Eccl. Memorials,vol. ii. p. 263. Burnet's Kist. of Refor. vol. ii. p. 12.