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COVERDALE. 123 doors were set open ; and those who hadbeen driven into a state of exile, returned home. Among the last, was Dr. Miles Coverdale. Not long after his return, he became chaplain to Lord Russel, in his expedition to suppress the insurrection in Devonshire. For his excellent labours and behaviour on this occasion, hewas highly extolled by the famous Peter Martyr. In the year 1551, he, though a married man, was made Bishop of Exeter, being promoted " on account of his extraordinaryknowledge in divinity, and his unblemished character." His consecration was performed at Lambeth, by Archbishop Cranmer. The following is King Edward's letter patent nominating him to the bishopric : " The king to all to whom the presents shall come "' greeting. Whereas the bishopric of Exon is without a " bishop, and is destitute of a fit pastor, by the free resig- " nation of John late bishop of that place, and doth by " right belong to our collation and donation. We willing " to collate another fit person to the bishopric aforesaid, " and judging our well-beloved Miles Coverdale, professor " of divinity, for his signal learning in the scriptures, and " for his most approved manners, wherewith he is endowed, " to be a fit man for the place and office aforesaid. Know " ye, therefore, that we of our special grace, and certain " knowledge, and mere motion, have conferred, given, and " granted, and by these presents do confer, give, and grant, " to the aforesaid Miles Coverdale, the said bishopric of " Exeter andwe translate the same Miles to the bishopric " of Exon, and we nominate, ordain, and constitute by these " presents, the same Miles, Bishop of Exon, and of Exeter " diocese ; to have and to hold, execute and enjoy the said " bishopric of Exon to the same Miles, during his natural " The diocese of Exeter,on account of the late insurrection, and the prevalence of popery, was in a most lamentable state ; and some wise, courageous, and excellent preacher, was extremely necessary for that situation. Therefore Coverdale was judged a most fit person to be invested with the above charge. Archbishop Cranmer had the highest opinionof him ; was intimately acquainted with him ; and was ever ready to do him acts of kindness.§ Though Burnet's Hist. Abridged, vol. iii. p. 148. + Clark's Lives, p. 3.-Burnet's Hist. of Refor. vol. ii. p. 166. t Huntley's Prelates' Usurpations,p, 132. § Strype's Cranmer, p. 266, 267.