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COVERDALI. 125 betwixt two and three years, it pleased God to remove, by death, the excellent King Edward. Upon the accession of his sister Mary, the face of religion was soon changed ; great numbersof the most worthy preachers in the kingdom were immediately silenced ; and this good bishop, together with many others, was cast into prison.* During the con= finement of Coverdale and the other protestant bishops, they drew up and subscribed their confession of faith. This confession, with the names of those who subscribed it, is still preserved, but too long for our insertion.i- The malice of the papists designed Coverdale for the fire ; but the Lord most wonderfully preserved and 'delivered him. During his imprisonment, the King of Denmark, with whom he had become acquainted when he was in Germany, became his honoured friend, warmly espoused his cause, and wrote several letters to Queen Mary, earnestly soliciting his relcase.t By the king's continued impor- tunity, yet as a very great favour, he was permitted to go into banishment. Burnet, by mistake, calls him a Dane; and observes, that on this account some allowance was made for him, and a passport was granted him, with two of his servants,' to go to Denmark.l He retired first to his kind friend, the King of Denmark ; then to Wezel in Westphalia; and afterwards he went into Germany, to his worthy patron the Elector of the Rhiene, by whom he was cordially received, and restored to his former benefice of Here he continued a zealous and laborious preacher, and a careful shepherd over the flock of Christ, all the remaining days of Queen Mary. Coverdale and several of his brethren, during their exile, published a new translation of the Bible, commonly called the Geneva Bible. The translators of this Bible were Coverdale, Goodman, Gilby, Whittingham, Sampson, Cole, Knox, Bodliegh, and Pullain, all celebrated puritans. They first published the New Testament in 1557. This was the first that was ever printed with numerical verses. The whole Bible, with marginal notes, was printed in The two archbishops, Cranmer and Holgate, w ith the bishops, Ridley, Poinet, Srory, Coverdale, Taylor, Harvey, Bird, Bush, Hooper, Farrel., and Barlow, and twelve thousand clergymen, were all silenced at this time,-and manyof them were cast into prison.-Burnees Hist. of Befog.. ii. p. 276. 1- Fox's Martyrs, vol. iii. p. 15, 82, 83. t These letters are still preserved.-Rid. p. 149-151. Hist. of Refor. vol. iii. p. 239. II Troubles at Frankeford, p. 158.