Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v1

HAWKINS. 135 Bishop. Have you not the gospel truly preached, and the sacraments duly ministered, and good order preserved; though we differ from other churches in indifferent cere- monies, which the prince has power to command for the sake of order ? What say you, Smith, as you seem the ancientest Smith. Indeed, my lord, we thank God for reformation ; and that is the thing we desire, according to God's word. White. I beseech you, let me answer. Bishop. Nay, White, hold your peace. You shall be heard anon. Nixson. I beseech you, let me answer a word or two. Bishop. Nixson, you are a busy fellow. I know your Words. You are full of talk. I know from whence you came. Hawkins. I would be glad to answer. Bishop. Smith, you shall answer. Smith. So long, indeed, as we might have the word freely preached, and the sacraments administered without the use of idolatrous gear, we never assembled in private houses. But when all our preachers, whocouldnot subscribe to your apparel and your laws, were displaced ; so that we could not hear any of them in the church for the space of seven or eight weeks, excepting father Coverdale, who at length durst not make known unto us where he preached ; and thenwe were troubled in your courts from day to day, for not corning to our parish churches ; we considered among ourselves what we should do. We remembered that there was a congregation of us in this city, in the days of Queen Mary ; and a congregation at Geneva, which used a book and order of preaching, ministering the sacraments and discipline, most agreeable to the word of God. This book is allowed by the godly and learned Mr. Calvin, and the other preachers at Geneva, which book and order we now hold. And if you can, by the word of God, reprove this book, or any thing that wehold, we will yield to you, anddo open penance at Paul's cross; but if not, we will, by the grace of God, stand to it. Bishop. This is no answer. Smith. Would you have me go back from better to worse ? I would as soon go to mass as to some churches, and particularly to my own parish church; for the minister is a very papist. Dean. He counteth the service and reformation in the days of King Edward, as evil as themass.