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140 LIVES OF THE PURITANS. Hawkins. Philip Melancthon, upon Romans xiv. bath these words : " When the opinion of holiness, or merit, or necessity, is put to things indifferent, they, darken the light of the gospel, and ought always to be taken away." Bishop. These things are not commanded as necessary in the church. Hawkins. You have made them necessary, and that many a poor man doth feet. Nixson. As you say, my lord, that the alderman is known byhis tippet, even as by this apparel were the mass- priests known from other men. Dean. What a great matter you make of it Hawkins. The apostle Paul would not be like the false apostles in any such things ; therefore the apostle is against you. Bishop. There were good men and good martyrs, who, in the days of King Edward, did wear these things. Do you condemn them ? Nixson. We condemn them not. We would go for- ward to perfection. The best of them who maintained the habits, did recant at their death : as didDr. Ridley, bishop of, London, and Dr. Taylor. Ridley did acknowledgehis fault to Hooper, andwhen they would have put the apparel upon him, he said it was abominable and too fond for a vice in a play.. Bishop. Do you find that in the Book of Martyrs ? Hawkins. It may be shelved from the book of the " Monuments of the Church," that many who were burned in the time of Queen Mary, died for standing against popery, as we do now. Bishop. I have said mass. I am sorry for it. Ireland. But you go still like one of the mass-priests. Bishop. You saw me wear a cope or surplice in St. Paul's. I had rather minister without them, only for the sake of order and obedience to my prince. Nixson. Your garments, as they are now used, are accursed. Bishop. Where do you find them forbidden in scripture? Nixson. Where is the mass forbidden in the scriptures ? Bishop. The mass is forbidden in scripture thus :-Itwas, thought meritorious. It took away free justification. It * What is here observed relative to the worthy reformers,is abundantly confirmed by the concurrent testimony of our historians. Fox's Acts and Monuments ofMartyrs, vol. iii. p. 148, 168, 172, 427.-Heylin's Hist. of Ref°, part i. p. 93. Prince's Chron. Hist. vol. i. p. 217.