Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v1

. III LIVES OF THE PURITANS. we hold the reformationthat was promoted in the days of King Edward. White. You build much upon the time of King Edward. And though it was the best time of reformation, all was confined to one prescript order of service, patched together out of the popish mattins, even-song, and mass-book ; and no dicipline, according to the word of God, might be brought into the church. Nixson. Yet they never made a law, that none should preach, nor administer the sacraments, without the garments, as you have done. Hawkins. It can never be proved, that the ceremonies of antichrist, and the pope's canon law, are clean to christians. For the apostle saith, there is no fellowship between Christ and Bella! ) and light and darkness. Dean. All the learned are against you. White. I delivered a book to Justice Harris, containing the order whichwe hold. Reprove the same by the word of God, and we will renounce it altogether. Bishop. We cannot reprove it. But to gather yourselves together disorderly, and to trouble the quiet of the realm, against the will of the prince, we like not. White. We hold nothing that is not warranted by the word of God. Hawkins. That which we do, we do in obedience to the command of God. " Now, I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences, contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned, and avoid them." Dean. Yes; but what you hold is disorderly, and against the authority of the prince. Hawkins. That which is according to the word of God is truth, whoever holds it ; unless you make the truth of God subject to the authority of the prince. It were better for us never to have been born, than to suffer the word of God to be defaced by the pleasure of princes. Bishop. All the learned are against you. Will you be tried by them? White. We will be tried by theword of God, by which we shall all be judged at the last day. Dean. But who will you have to be judge of the word of God ? Hawkins. That was the cavil of the papists, in the time of Queen Mary. I have myselfbeard them say, when the truth was defended by the word of Godz cc Who shall judge