Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v1

1. 152 LIVES OF THE PURITANS. sciences. -As the priesthood of Christ or of Aaron, and even their very garments, were most honourable : so the priesthood of antichrist,and even the very garments, as the cope and surplice, is most detestable. B. Then you will condemn as unlawful, whatsoever the papists used in their idolatrousservice. A. Some things have been abused by idolaters, and yet are necessary and profitable in the service of God. Other things they have abused, which are neither necessary nor profitable. The former are to be retained, and the latter to be refused. The surplice hath beenused by the priests of antichrist, and bath no necessary nor profitable use in the ser- vice of God, anymore than any other thingused in idolatrous worship ; therefore the surplice ought not to be used. B. The surplice hath a necessary use. A. If it have, you sin in omitting it at any time. In this you condemn the reformed churches abroad, for ex- cluding a thing so necessary. B. it is necessary, because the prince hath commanded it. A. Indeed, it is so necessarily commanded, that without the use of it, a minister must not preach, nor administer the sacraments, howevergreat are his learning, his gifts, and his godliness. This is a most wicked necessity. B. But it is comely in the church of God. A. What comeliness is it for the minister of Christ, to wear the rags of antichrist ? If this be comely, then the velvet and golden copes, for the same reason, are more comely. But this is not the comelinessof the gospel. B. You are not a judgewhether the surplice be comely. A. The apostle saith to all christians, ,4 Try the spirits, whether they be of God." Is it then unlawful for a ehris- tian, and a minister of Christ, to judge of a ceremony of man's invention ? The reformed churches have judged the surplice to be uncomely forthe ministers of Christ. Luther, Calvin, Beza, Peter Martyr, and many others, have disal- lowed the use of it. And most learned men now in Eng- land, who use the surplice, wish with all their hearts, it were taken away. Yea, I think this is your opinion also. Ridley said 4, it was more fit for a player on the stage, than for a minister of God in his church." B. We will not allow that the surplice is the garment of antichrist. A. That whichwas consecrated by antichrist, and con- stantly worn by the priests of antichrist, in their idolatrous service, was one of the garments of antichrist. But the