Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v1

/58 LIVES OF THE PURITANS. B. But the cross is used as a token only, that we should not be ashamedof the cross of Christ. W. Arid is it not lawful to be taught not to be ashamed of Christ ? A. Yes ; but we may not teach by unlawful means. Where doth the word of God warrant us, that making a cross, signifies that we should not be ashamed of Christ? W. Would you then take all symbolical signs out of the church of God ? B. The church bath authority to ordain all symbolical signs, that are useful in the church. Therefore the church bath authority to ordain the cross in baptism. A. This is only begging the question. You are as far from the mark as ever. B. Is not the cross a symbolical sign, that is useful in the church of God ? A. That is the point in dispute, and yet remains to be proved. B. What scriptures have you against the cross ? A. In the second commandment, we are forbidden touse in the service of God, 4, The likeness of any thing." But the cross in baptism is the likeness of something : Therefore the cross in baptism is forbidden, and may not be used. C. May wenot then make the likeness of any thing ? A. Thecommandment meaneth, that we should make no likeness of any thing for a religious purpose. We may not make the likeness of any thing in heaven or earth, for a religious purpose. But the cross in baptism is the likeness of something in heaven or earth, and appointed for a religious purpose. Therefore we may not make the cross in baptism.. The making of the cross, because for a reli- gious purpose, is here forbidden. Barker. The cross in baptism is not forbidden in thefirst commandment. A. I did not say it was. It is sufficient that it is for- bidden in the second. Barker. But the same thing is meant in them both. A. You confound the first and second commandments, and, like the papists, make them to he the same. I must say, this is great ignorance. Barker. I am not so ignorant as you suppose. A. Your own words do betray you. B. You are too captious. He shall reasonyou out of it. Barker. Themakingof thecross inbaptism is not forbidden in allthe prophets; and, therefore, not in the commandment.. Iwo