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AX.TON.' 165 -B. God commanded the contrary. -Do younot teraeurber the garments of Aaron ? A. I do remember them. But if you would wear' the garments of Aaron, you must attend to the other ceremOuieS ofAaron's priesthood. B. Shew your place in Ezekiel. There is no such place. You are deceived. A. I will thank you for a Bible. B. You should have brought your own books with you. You see, I have brought my books. A. And have you not a Bible among them ? I pray -you let me have a Bible, B. Let him have the Hebrew Bible. A. I pray you, let me have the Hebrevir Bible. Bickley. Then let us hear you read the place. A. The place is this : " And when they go forth into the outer court, even into the outer court ofthe people, they shall put off theirgarments wherein they ministered, and lay them In the holy chambers, and they shall put onother garments: and they shall not sanctify the people with their garments.". Here the dispute broke off. And notwithstanding all his entreaties and supplications, though the bishop t acknow- ledged him to be a divine of good learning, a strong memory, and well qualified for the pulpit, the good man was deprived of his living, and driven to seek his bread MS. Register, p. 50-55. . + Bishop Bentham complied with popery in the reign of Henry VIII,, but afterwards repented. Upon the accession of Queen Mary, beingper. petual fellow of Magdalencollege, Oxford, he was required to correct the junior scholars for their absence from the popish worship, but refused, saying, " He had indeed but too much repented of his compliance with the popish religionalready ; and he esteemed it unjust to punish that in others, which he himself would willingly and knowingly do." He was one of the preachers to the protestant congregationwhichassembled in private places, during this queen's reign ; and it is said, " that by his encouragement anti constant preaching, the protestants did not only stand to their former prig. eiple, but were resolved to suffer whatever could be laid upon them, rather than forfeit a good conscience." He witnessed the sufferings of many of the martyrs ; and notwithstanding the cruel proclamation, "that no map should either pray for or speak to them, or once say God bless them," Ben- tham seeing the tire set to some of them, turned his eyes to the people, and said, " We know they are the people of God, and therefore we cannot choose but wish them well, and say God strengthen them:" and so he boldly cried out, " Almighty God, for Christ's sake, strengthen them I" upon which all the people with one accord, cried, Amen, Amen; the noise of which was so great, from the vast crowd of people, that the officers knew notwhom to seize, or against whom to bring their accusations. Bentham would have done well to have remembered these things when he became as lord bishop, and a persecutor of his fellow,protestants.-Biographio Briton. vol. ii.-p. 208. Edit. 1178.