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170 LIVES OF THE PURITANS. Becon was of St. John's college, Cambridge, public otatOr and proctor in the university, and an active leading man, most probably in the cause of nonconformity, by which he is said to have incurred the displeasure of the chancellor, formerly his patron and great admirer. This was undoubt- edly the same person.. He was author of numerous books, many of which were designed to expose the superstitions and errors of popery, and to encourage his fellow christians under persecution ; and his labour of love was signally useful. He wrote against the superstitious practice of bowing at the name of Jesus, as did several other puritans after him. According to Mr. Lupton, the following appears to be the most correct list of his numerous learned writings that can now be obtained : His WonKs.-1. News from Heaven.-2. A Banquet of Christ's Birth.-3. A Quadragesimal Feast. -4. A Method of Praying.-5. A Bundle or Posey of bFlowers.-6. An Invective against gwearing.- '7. Discipline for a Christian Soldier.-8. David's Harp.-9. The Government of Virtue.--10, A 'short Catechism.-11. A Book of Matriniony.-12. A Christian's New-Year's Gift-l3. A Jewel of Mirth.-14. Principles of the Christian Religion.-15. ATreatise of Fasting.-16. The Castle of Comfort.-17. The Soul's Solace.-18. The Tower of theFaithful-19. The ChristianKnight-20. Homilies against Whoredom.-21. The Flowers of Prayers.-22. A sweet Box of Prayers.-23. The Sick Man's Medicine.-24. A Dialogue of Christ's Nativity.-25. AnInvective against Idolatry.-26. An Epistle to the distressed Servants of God.-27. ASupplication to God for the Restoration of his Word.-28. The Rising of the Popish Mass. +-29. Common-places of Scripture.-30. A Comparison betwixt the Lord's Supper and the Papal Mass.--31. Articles of Religion confirmed by the Authority of the Fathers.--32. The monstrous Wages of the Roman Priests.-33. Romish Relics.-34. The Difference betwixt God's Word and Human Inventions.-,35. Acts of Christ and Anti- christ, with their Lives and Doctrine.-36. Chronicles of Christ - 37. An Abridgement of the NewTestament.-38. Questions of the Holy Scripture.-39. The glorious Triumph of God's Word.-40. The Praise of Death.-41. Postils upon all the Sundays' Gospels.-42. A Disputation ripen the Lord's Supper. GILBERT ALCOCKwas an excellent minister of puritan principles,but silenced, with many of his brethren, for non- conformity. April 3,1571, he presented a supplication to the convocation, in behalf of himselfand his suffering brethren, Baker's MS. Collection, vol. i. p. 193. + This excellent work was reprinted in the time of ArchbishopLaud ; but upon the complaint of a popish priest, his grace commanded it to be suppressed, and threatened the printerwith aprosecution. Such was the spirit and inclinationof thispratestaat prelate.-Canterkries Deo., p. 516.