Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v1

PREFACE. XVil or, when they have at any time contradicted each other,- he has always given both, or followed that which appeared most worthy of credit. In the Appendix, a correct list is given of the principal books consulted ; and, for the satisfaction of the more critical reader, the particular edition of each is Specified. In numerous instances, reference will be found to single lives, funeral sermons, and many other interesting articles, of which the particular edition is mostly given. In addition to the numerous printed works, he has also been favoured with the use of many large manuscript collections, a list of which will be found at the close of the Appendix. From these rare docu- ments he has been enabled to present to the public a great variety of most interesting and curious information never before printed. ,After all, many lives Will be found very de- fective, and will leave ,the inquisitive reader unin- formed in numerous important' particular. . Such defect was unavoidable at this distance of time; .When, after the utmost research, Co further in- formation- could possibly be 'procured. The author has spent considerable labour to obtain a correct list of the works of those whose lives he has given, and to ascertain the true orthography of the names of persons and places. Though, in each of these particulars,, he has succeeded far beyond his expectations, yet, in some instances, he is aware of the deficiency of his information. He can only say, that he has availed himself of 'VOL. I. b