Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v1

,V THE LIVES OF THE PURITANS: CONTAINING A BIOGRAPHICAL ACCOUNT OF THOSE DIVINES WHO DISTINGUISHED THEMSELVES IN THE CAUSE OF Itte!igloo Libertp, FROM THE REFORMATION UNDER QUEEN ELIZABETH, TO THE ACT OF UNIFORMITY, IN 1662. BY BENJAMIN BROOK. IN THREE VOLUMES. VOL. I. The memory of the just is blessed.-SoLosrox. The precious spark of liberty had been kindled, and was preserved, by the PURITANS ALONE; and it was to this Sect that the English owe the whole freedom of theit constitution.-HrmrE. Lon ion P13 INTED FOR JAMES BLACK, TOR li-STREE r, COVENT-GARDE, 1813.