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PRIME-ALLEN. 87 Jour PRIME, B. D.---:He was born at Oxford, received his grammar learning at Wickham school, and afterwards entered at NewCollege, Oxford, where he took his degrees, and was chosen fellow of the house. Upon his entrance into the sacred function, he became a zealous and popular preacher in the city of his nativity, being much favoured by Dr. Cooper, bishop of Winchester. Afterwards, he became vicar of Adderbury in Oxfordshire, where lie was much followed for his edifying way of preaching. The Oxford historian denominates him a noted puritanical preacher.. He died at Adderbury, in the prime of life, April 12, 1596, and his remains were interred in his own church. His WORKS.-1. A short Treatise of Sacraments generally, and in special of Baptism and of the Supper, 1582.-2. A Treatise of Nature and Grace, 1583.-3. A Sermon briefly comparing the State of King Solomon and his Subjects, together with the condition of Queen Elizabeth and her People, preached at St. Mary's in Oxon. Nov. 17, 1585, on 1 Kings x. 9.-1585.-4. An Exposition on the Galatians, 1587.-5, The Consolations of David applied to Queen Elizabeth, in a Sermon at St. Mary's in Oxon. Nov. 17, 1588, on Posies xxiii. 4.-1588. HienAnn ALLEN.-He was minister at Ednam in Lin- colnshire, a good preacher, and much beloved, but greatly harassed for nonconformity. In the year 1583, upon the publication of Whitgift's three articles, he was suspended from his ministerial exercise, for refusing the imposed 'sub- scription. There were upwards of twenty others, all ministers in Lincolnshire, suspended at the same time. Having received the ecclesiastical censure, they presented a supplication to the lords of the council, earnestly wishing to procure their favourable mediation ; but, probably, without any good effect : the ruling prelates usually re- mained inflexible. In this supplication, they express them- selves as follows : " For as much, right honourable, as we whose names are underwritten, whom the Lord in 'rich mercy hath placed over some of his people in Lincolnshire, as pastors. to feed them with the word of truth, do humbly beseech your honours to regard the pitiful and woeful state of our con- gregations in those parts ; which being destitute of our ministry, by means of the subscription now generally and as Wood's Athena' Oxop, vol. i. p. 247,