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DARRELL. 121 at Nottingham, detecting in some sort the deceitful trade in these latter days of casting out devils," 1599. This induced Mr. Darrell to publish a reply, entitled, " A Detection of that sinful, shamful, lying, and ridiculous Discours, of Samuel Harshnet.. Entituled : ADiscoverie of the fraudulent practices of John Darrell. Wherein is manifestly and apparently chewed in the eyes of the world. Not only the unlikelihoode, but the flute impossibilitieof the pretended counterfaytingofWilliam Somers, Thomas Darl- ing, Kath. Wright, and Mary Couper, together with other 7 in Lancashire, and the supposed teaching of them by the saide John Darrell," 1600. The sameyear, Mr. Darrell also published, " A true Narration of the strange and grevous Vexation by the Devil, of 7 Persons in Lancashire, and William Somers of Nottingham. Wherein the doctrine of Possession and Dispossession of Demoniakes out of the word of God is particularly appliedunto Somers, and the rest of the persons controverted : together with the use we are to make of these workes ofGod." Mr. George Moore, his intimate friend, and fellow-suffererin the same cause, likewise published a reply to Harsnet, entitled, "A true Discourse concerning the certaine Possession and Dispossession of 7 persons in one familie in Lancashire, which also may serve as part of an Answere to a fayned and false Discoverie which speaketh very much evill, as well of this, as of the rest of those great and mightie workes of God, which be of the like excellent nature," 1600.+ Mr. Darrell, upon his imprisonment, published another work particularly in his own defence, entitled, " The Trial of John Darrell, or a Collection of Defences against Alligations not yet suffered to receive convenient Answer, tending to clear him from the Imputation of teaching Somers and others to counterfeit Possessionof Devils," 1599. Also, while he was in prison, he published " An Apology or Defence of the Possession of William Somers, &c. Wherein this work of God is cleared from the evil name of counterfeiting. And thereupon also it is shewn, that in these days men may be possessed with devils ; and that being so, by prayer and fasting the unclean spirit may be cast out" At the close of this work, Mr. Darrell made the Baronet was one of theprincipal persecutors of Mr. Darrell, and was advanced to the bishopric ofNorwich, as thejust reward of thismeritorious service. But our author, by mistake, calls Mr. Darrell a popish priest.-. Bloomfield's Hist. of Norfolk, vol. ii. p. 403. + Biog. Britan, vol, iv. p. 2547. Edit. 1747.