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CARTWRIGHT. 161 interrogation, saying, " Does fanaticism extinguish all taste and judgment ? or is it only in minds originally'weak, that the infection can fix itself? Which ever way the reader may solve the problem, be will naturally ask, Was this the man that was to improve what had been done by Cranmer and Ridley, by Parker and Nowell, and their coadjutors ? to give us a form of worship more pure and edifying, more ilignifiA and devout ?" But this eloquentcalumniator does not stop here. He felt the poetic flame arise; and therefore immediately asks,. " Is this the region, this the soil, this the clime, That we must change for heaven ? this mournful gloom For that celestial light ?" We do confess, that so much bombast, scurrility, and bare-faced misrepresentation were scarcely ever found within so small a compass. The reader will at the same time easily .perceive, that the whole is designed to extol the Church of England, if not above perfection, at least beyond the possibility ofamendment; and to blacken the character and disgrace the memory of that. man, who was justly esteemed one of the most celebrated divines of the age in 'which he lived. But whether the treatment which Mr. Cartwright received, was not extremely unjust and cruel; and whether it does not stand as a monument of lasting reproach to those prelates who took an active part in pro- moting it, is left with every impartial reader tojudge. Dr. Thomas Cartwright, bishop of Chester in the reign of James II., and who went the most infamous lengths in sup- port of that monarch's measures, is thought, with some ap- pearance of probability, to have been the grandson of our famous puritan.f His WORKS, in addition to those whose titles have been already given.-1. A Brief Apologyagainst all such Slanderous Accusations as it pleaseth Mr. Sutcliff, in his pamphlets, most injuriously to load him with, 1596.-2. A Body of Divinity, 1616.-3. A Confutation of the Rhemists Translation, Glosses, and Annotations on the New Testament, 1618.-4. Commentaria practica in totam Historian Evangelicum, ex quatour Evangelistis harmonice concinnatam, 1630. (An elegant editionof this workwas printed at Amsterdam, in 1647, entitled, " Harmonia Evangelica, Commeutario, analytico, meta- phrastico, practico, illustrata, &c.")$--5. Commentarii succincti & dilucidi in ProverbiaSolomonis, 1638.-6. Metapbrasis& Homilim in librurn Solomonis qui inscribitur Ecclesiastes, 1647.-7. Glosses and Annotations. Churton's Lifeof Nowell, p. 225. 1- Biog. Briton. vol, iii. p. 287. Edit. 1778. , Ibiil. p, 286. VOL. II. 111