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176 LIVES OF THE PURITANS. and expositions, in some, house or other place, out of any church or place appointed for public prayers. Where are those places ? Who were present? And how often have you been ? 4. 44 That you did hear or know, that the churchwardens of Ridgwell in Essex, or some other who had authority so to do, did give admonition andwarning to the said Morley, that he should not preach in the said church until he had shewed sufficient license, and brought authority from the ordinary so to do."* Mr. Morley was convened, at the same time, and, for re- fusing to subscribe, was obliged to enter into a bond of one hundred pounds not to preach any more in the diocese of London:I. But it does not appear what other hardships he endured. He became rector of Roding-Alta in Essex, July 23, 1601; but resigned it by death, previous to February 18, 1607, when the next incumbent entered upon the benefice.t JOHN RALNOLDS, D. D.-This celebrated divine was born at Penhoe, near Exeter, in the year 1549, and educated in Corpus Christi college, Oxford. At first he was a zealous papist, andhis brother William a professed protest- ant; but engaging in conference and disputation, the brothers, it is said, converted each other ; William becom- ing a most inveterate papist, and John an avowed, protest- ant§ The latter no sooner changed his views, than he applied himself to the study of the holy scriptures, and soon became a celebrated preacher. In the year 1578, he was chosen to performthe two acts of the university, which gained him great applause ; and the year followingwas appointed to the reading ofthe sentences. By these exercises he was soon drawn into the popish con., troversy, when the papists sought to eclipse his reputation. This did not in the least discourage him in his pursuits; but, in order that he might be the better qualified for dis cussing this subject, he read, with indefatigable pains, all the Greek and Latin fathers, and perused all the ancient xecords of the church he could meet with. By these . MS. Register, p.420-422. Newcourt's Repert. Eccl. vol. ii. p. 501. § Fuller's Abel Redivivus, p. 478, 479. + p. 748.