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WILCOCKS. 185 THOMAS WILCOCKS, A.M. --This celebrated divine was born about the year 1549, and educated in St. John's college, Oxford. Upon his leaving the university, he became a learned, zealous, and useful preacher in Honey- lane, London. In the year 1572, he was an active person in the erection of the presbyterian church at Wandsworth in Surrey. During the same year he was brought into much trouble for his nonconformity. The puritans, having for a long time sought in vain to the queen and prelates, for afurther reformationof ,thechurch, now resolved toapply to the parliament. Accordingly, Mr. Wilcocks and Mr. John Fieldpublished " An Admonition to the Parliament," which they presented to the house of commons with, their own hands. Though the book was much esteemed, and soon passed through four editions, the authors were appre- hended and committed to Newgate, where they remained a long time, in close and miserable confinement.. A par. titular account of these cruel proceedings, together with their other troubles, will be found in another place. The character and sentiments of these excellent divines having greatly suffered by reproach, they published a vindication of themselves, against the false imputations of unsound doctrine, and disloyalty to the queen. The piece is entitled " A Copie ,of a Letter, with a Confession of Faith, written by two faithful Servants of God, unto an honourable and virtuous Ladie."t. It is subscribed with their own hands ; but whether it was published before, or during their imprisonment, we are not able to learn. It is, however, a different confession from that which is noticed in the place referred to above, but was penned most probably on the same occasion. During their confinement in New- gate, Archbishop Parker sent his chaplain, one Pearson, to confer with them. This conference, dated September 11, 1572, was in the presence of Mr. Mondes their keeper, and is as follows Pearson. Is your name Wilcocks ? W ilcocks. Yes, verily. P. I desire to become acquainted with you; for I know you not. W. Neither do I know you. 4, Mr. Thomas Woodcock, a bookseller in London, for vending the Admonition, was, at the same time, committed to Newgate by Bishop Aylmer.-Strype's humor, p. 57. S See Art. Field. Parte of a Register,p. 528-546.