Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v2

GREENWOOD. 35 Q. Is not the Common Prayer Book established by the queen's laws ? L. C. Justice. Tell us what you think of the Book of Common Prayer : you shall have liberty to call back what you will. G. If it were in a free conference, as we have often desired, I would do it. Bishop of Winchester. Have you not used these words a year ago, 6, It is popish, superstitious, and idolatrous?" G. Yes, I think I have. For it was taken out of the pope's portuis. Q. Why would you not answer thus before ? G. Because I see you go about to bring me within the compass of your law, by makingme accuse myself. J. Anderson. What do you say of it now ? G. That there are many errors in it; and the form of it is disagreeable to the scriptures. A. Is it contrary to the scriptures ? G. It must needs be contrary, if it be disagreeable. Winch. Doyou hold it to be popish, superstitious, and idolatrous ? G. I have told you what I thinkof it. I hold it is full of errors, and the form of it disagreeable to the scriptures. Q. What sayyou of marriage? Did you not marryone Boman and his wife in the Fleet ? G. No. Neither is marriage any part of the minister's office. Q. Who used prayer? G. I think, that I used prayer, at that time. Q. Who joined their hands together ? G. I know no such thing. They publicly acknowledged their consent before the assembly. Stanhope. I will make them do penance for it. G. There are others who have more need to shew open repentance than they. Winch. They make suCh marriages under a hedge. It bath been an order long received, to marry by a minister. G. There were many faithful witnesses of their mutual consent. And if it were not lawful, we have many ancient fathers, who, by your judgment, did amiss. Q. What say you of the church of England ? Is it a true established church of God ? G. The whole commonwealth is not a church. Ander. But do you know any true established church in the land ?