Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v2

0 LIVES OF THE PURITANS. I humbly crave that these my papers may also be looked upon, and brought to light, as well as the others, by which my adversaries think to impeach my allegiance ; which, I thank God, neither man nor angel shall ever be able to effect. Though I be condemned as a felon, or as a traitor to my natural sovereign, I thank God, that heaven and earth shall not be able to convict me of it. I remember not the day that has passed over my head, since, under her government, I came to the knowledge of the truth, wherein I have not commended her estate to God. And I thank God, that whensoever the end of my days comes, and I. expect not to live to the end of this week, I shall die Queen Elizabeth's most faithful subject, even in the con- sciences of mine enemies. " I never took myself for a rebuker, much less for a reformer of states and kingdoms : far was that from me. Yet, in the discharge of my conscience, all the world must bear with me, if I prefer my testimony to the truth of JesusChrist before the favour of any creature. The pros- perity of my prince and the state, was always most dear to me, as HE knoweth, by whom states are preserved and princes bear rule. An enemy to good order and policy, whether in church or commonwealth, I. never was. I never did any thing in this cause, (Lord ! thou art witness,) for contention, vain-glory, or to draw disciples after me. " Whatsoever I have written or made known, contrary to the written word, I have warned the world to avoid. My confession of faith, and allegiance to God and the queen, written since my imprisonment, I take, as I shall answer before Jesus Christ and the elect angels, to contain nothing but God's eternal truth. And, therefore, if my blood were an ocean, and every drop were a life to me, I would, by the help of the Lord, give it all in defence of the same. Yet, if any error can be shewn therein, that I will not defend. " Great things in this life I never sought for. Sufficiency I have had, with great 'outward trouble ; but most content I have been with my lot. And content I am and shall be with my undeserved and untimely death, beseeching the Lord, that it may not be laid to the charge of any person in the land. For I do, frommy heart, forgive all those that seek my life, as I desire to be forgiven in the day of strict account; praying for them as for my own soul, that though, we cannot accord upon earth, we may meet together, in heaven, to our eternal unity and happiness. And if ,my, death ,canprocure