Brown - BS2685 B86 1695

THE PREFACE. upon, and truft to our own works for Salvation ? My Bre- thren, how think ye to mingle the Law with the Gofpel? the Righteoufnefs of Chrilt with your own? your faith, de- pending alone upon your Saviour, with your works? What will ye fay , when you wil dye , & this weighty cafe of Con - .fcience comes to be refolved, how shall my poor, guiltie fnful Soul be juftified beforea Righteous God? How can ye thus prepare the way to return,and lead your followers back again unto Babylon? What fellowship hash Righteoufnefs with unrighteoufnefs? or whatcommunion bath light with darknefs? Yet glory be to God in the higheft, who bath referved by his grace many Protefiant and Learned Divines againft all thefe and the like errours. And hence we have the lear- ned Labours of theworthy J. B u R G E S, J. O W E N. A. P I T C A I R N and other eminent Divines, worthy to be remembered in all ages. And to thofe great Do &ours we may very warrantably add the worthy Author of the follow - ing Treatife Mr. JOHN B R o U N, whofe praife liv's de- fervedly in the Churches, and whofe light did for a confide- rabic fpace shine here in our Low- countreys, when through the iniquitie of the times, he was becaufe of his zeal , pie - tie, faithfulnefs and good Confcience obliged to leave his native Land. Yet was he not idle : for while he was here he wrote , with a great deal of wifdom, againft the Philofo- phers of this time, who would fubjea the Scriptures to Philofophie , fetting up humane Reafon for a Rule of Scripture- Interpretations. Moreover, he was known in our Churches by his Books of the Perpetual Morali- tie of the Sabbath , written with a great efhcacie of Ar- guments , and approved by Fr. Spanheym , that worthy and mofl famous Divine of our age ; befides what o- ther Treatifes he wrote in English. But we have he- re