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0 7uffá the imput,of Ch.Right.claared further from the N. T. CHAP.9: vers 4. telling us , That Chria was the end of the law for righteoufnefs to every one that beleeveth ; & thereafter he difcriminateth the way of jufli_ fication by the law and by the Gofpel , under the Notion of a Righteoufnefs which is ofthd law, and a Righteoufnefs, which is of faith: & then more particularly he defcribeth the Righteoufnefs of faith , or a Righteoufnefs is had unto Salvation, in & through faith vers 9. If thou shalt confefr with thy mouth the Lord jefus , & shalt beleeve in thine heart, that God bath raifidhim from the dead, thou shalt belayed; which he proveth in the io, vers , now cited; & therein sheweth , how by this beleeving that God hath raifed the Lord Jefus from the dead , Salvation is brought about; vi.. That by beleeving with the heart , a Righteoufnefs is obtained & received t and this righteouf. nefs mufl be Chrias , even His Surety - righteoufnefs; for faith looketh on Him , as raifed from the dead , & that by God , as having now received full Satisfaction from Him ; & thereupon bringing Him , as it were , out ofpri- fon. And in the Text cited, we fee, that by faith a Righteoufnefs is re- ceived ; or faith is the way unto the poffefion of a Righteoufnefs , as Confeflion is the way unto Salvation, or as the a tuaI pof effion of Sal- vation is had by Confeflion. And as Confeffion it felf is not Salva- tion , but the way thereto , and the mean thereof ; fo faith it Pelf is not the Righteoufnefs, but the way thereunto, and themeaneor medium thereof. 5. Gal. 2 :2r. I do not fruflrat the grace of God ; for if Ijighteoufnefs come by the law , Chrifl is dead in vaine. Whence we fee, that a Righteoufnefs mull: be had; and that this cannot be had by the law , or by our obedience to the law ; but by Chrift ; & to deny this , is in plaine termes , to fruflrat the grace of God , & to fay that Chrifl is dead in vaine. And if we look back to vers 16. & forward we shall fee , that the Apoflle is fpeaking of juflificas tion by faith in oppofition to the works of the law; that is , by faith in Jefus Chrift , receiving a Righteoufnefs , which He hath wrought in His eflate of Humiliation. 6. Gal. 3: 21,22.. For if there had been a law given, which could have given life , verily righteoufnefs should have been by the law: but the Scripture hath con- cluded all under fin , that the promife by faith of tefus Chrifi might be given to shem that beleeve. Whence we fee , that Righteoufnefs is required un- to life, v4. the life of juflification ; and by whatever way life is had,'hy the fame is Righteoufnefs had : and that neither life, nor Righteouf- nefs is had by the law, but by the faith of Jefus Chrift : and both are held forth in a free promife, & given to the Beleever in Chrift. 7. Gal, 4: 4, 5. But when the fulneft of tbe time war come , God fent forth Hit Son, made of a Woman, made under the lam, to redeem them, that were under the law that we might receive the Adoption of [ones. Chrift . we fee, was made under the law , & that to redeem fuch , as were under the law, that they might be freed from what they were liable to by the law , and by being under the law, and withall receive the Adoption of fones, which neceffarily ta- keth in His Obedience, as the 1Etheopik Verfion explaineth it laying, He was begotten ofa Woman, is was a doer of the command in the tear. And that His