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C H A P. t O. Some Arg. for the Imput. of Cap. Right. Vindicated. 103 ty , in the room of His people ; & His doing it for the glory of God , & the advancement of His Kingdom -? 3. Another en t ( faith he ) is the ex_ emplarinefs of it. An f. This is but another arrow , taken out of, the quiver of theSocinians; & is of no force to weaken our argument ; feing a fubordinat & lefs principal end doch not deftroy a more principal end. Was He not exemplary to us in His death & Sufferings? shall we th ireforefay, That there was no fatisfaction for finsintended there- by ? And what is there here peculiar unto Chrift , as Lord Mediator, icing the lives of other Saints are allo exemplary ? 4. It had ( faith he ) an exceent Importance to craw to Imitation. Arrf. This is the fame with the preceeding and deferveth no further anfwere. 5. It rear (faith he) a meaner of continueing His perfon in the love and compla- cency of His Father , which war a thing of ab f olute nece, f ty for the carrying on of the great work of Redemption : for if He had once mif carried , who should-have mediatedfor Him ? job. 15: Io. di' S: 29. Anf. As to His Perfon ; He was God equal with the Father , in power and-Glory : It were therefore blaf- phemy once to fuppofe , that His perfon flood in need of this , for -any fuck end : or to fuppofe , that lie could have failed , as to any at of obedience, & thereby have difpleafed God. Wherefore His obedience being the obe- dknce of one , who was & is God over all, bleffed for ever , it could not be neceffary to Himfelfunto any filch end. Therefore it behoved to be wholly for us , for whom He was made under the law ; as He was given to us, and born. for us. 6. It was (faith he) of abfolutenecef ty to qualify d,^ fit the Sacrifrcef.r the Al- tar , and render Him a perfon meet by His death and Sacrifice of Himfelf , to make attonement for the world , and to purge and take away the fin of it. An f. Shall we think that He ,! who was God , was not a fit enou iSacrifice for the world ; but that He inuft be made fir and prepared by ats of obedience And as for His Humane Nature ,. which was no perfon , but did fubfilt in the Divine Nature, being affumed into the fubfiftence thereof, was it not fuffi- cíently fitted to be a Sacrifice , by its perfonal union with the Godhead ? was it not thereby Holy Harmlefs & undefiled & feparat from linners, which is all that the Apoftle requireth , Heb. 7 : 26 ? Was not the Humane Na- ture.perfonally united unto the Godhead, from the very firii moment of conception ? The holinefsthcn , that confifteth in Acts of Actual obedience,_ was not required unto this Union : and after this Union it was not pdiïible,_ that He could finne : as it is notpoflihle, that the glorified now in Heaven can break the Lawes, that we break here , while on earth ; and yet it will not follow , that they are under the fame particular obligations to particu- lar as of commanded duties, that we ítand under : So nor was Chrift , as to Himfelf, under the obligation of the p rticular duties of the law , to which He willingly ftibmitted Himfelf, & gave obedience; but all this was for us': Nor was this neceffarily required to make His Sacrifice Holy for His Humane Nature , being once united,.to the Divine, could not otherwaves be but holy and without ;in ; and (Oa finlefs and holy Sacrifice. And with - all we would take notice, that theActions of the hlediator,were the Actions of