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C PI A P. I r. objeaions from scripture anfwered, I r 9, or elfe where, to /Unite. or di fiinguish upon it ; for men to iz.terpofe by cliflinElio-ns- ár lunitationr,to overrule the exprefs meaning of the words , is to ufurpe author ity over the Scriptures. Anf. I grant , to adhibite diftinEtions or limitations, which the Scripture giveth no warrand for, to over rule the exprefs meaning cf the words of the Holy Ghoft is to exercife an unlawful authority over the Scriptures , & favoureth of audaciousprofanity. A nd I judge, that there are not afew of fuch di(tindtions &limitations to be found , in his, Book , making him fall under the lash of this cenfure. But to alert fuch a general and univerfal fenfe of a Scripture expreffion , as neither will agree with other Scriptures with common Senfe & Reafon ; yea which fo directly crot%th the whole Gofpel , and deftroyeth the Scope , Cahefion , & obvious Senfe of the whole purpofe , and of every fentence , ufed by the Spirit ache Lord in that matter , isto ufurpe a Supra -papal power and Au- thority over the Scriptures of truth , and a moft ready way to render them wholly ufelefs. (2) As for our fenfeof h-sExpref ion, who , that will wil- lingly be ruled by the Scriptures , cannotbmit unto it ? Let us but look to the very firftplace cited by l imfelf, IZom. 3. & confider the whole pre - ceeding difcourfe of the Apoftle ftom Chap. t : 18. & forward , & particu- larly Chap. 3:19. Where the Apoftle clofeth his difcourfe, tending to evince both jewes & Gentils to be under the Curfe,by Paying , Now we know , that what things fo ever the law faith , it faith to them who are under the hits , that every mouth may be flopped and all the world may become guilty before God, Is not this to be underftood, in,refpe& of their own perfonal deeds & works ? See t hen his conclufion , vers to. Therefore by the deeds of of the law , there shall no flesh be juflifiedinhis fight. Can any man , that hath not renounced common fenfe, uuderftarid this otherwife , than that no man shall be juftìfied in the flight of God by his own perfonal works ; feing this is the only native conclu Pion, that fiowéth from the preuniffes ; feing by their own perfonal wo, ks they caii be juflifird before men ; & feing the following words , for by the law is the knowledge offin, that is, the law proveth & evinceth all, that we do, to be short & finful, 'enforce this likewife ? Is not this alto enfdreed by thefe words , vers 23. For all have fi nned,and come short of theglory ofGod ? Is it ima- ginable, that juftification, through the Imputed obedience of Chrift to the law can evince, that we are not juftified freely by His grace t hrough the Re- demption , that is in Jefus Chrift, vers ì4 ? If this general fettle were the true meaning, what ground was there for that vers 27. Where is boaßing then? leis excluded. By what law ? of works ? no, by the law o f faith ? Would Juftification by Chrifts obedience give ground ofboafting ? And what ground were there for that objet ion vers 31. Do we then make void the law ,&c. & in the following Chapter , when fpeaking of .Abraham, loth he or can any man imagine , that the Apoftle Both mean any other works , when he denieth that Abraham was juflified by works , than (Abraham's own perfonal works ? And meaneth he or can he meane any other works when he faith vers 4. Now to him, that worketh is the re- ward not reckoned of grace, but of debt ? But it were tedious to profe- cute this matter further , that is fo clear in. it felt to every ordinary Rea-