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138 objetlions from Scriptur¢ dnfwered. C H A P. If when the fentence is juft , that the perfon is a righteous perfon : &, in our caf.: the fentence of God being according to truth, the perfon juftified, having no righteoufnefs of his own , mutt be clothed with the Suretyrigh- teoufnefs of Chrift , as Surety, Head & Husband, imputed to him & re- ceived by faith. Headdeth, That rtghteoufnefc, which we have by Chrift, and :there with we arePaid to be jufiified, is only a negative righteoufnefr,not a pofitive : It is nothing elfe , but a non- Imp utation of fin which I therefore call a Righteoufnefs by Impu- tation , arhaving the privileges , but not the nature dr fubfiance of a perfeti legal righteoufnefs. Anf. A Righteoufnefs not pofitive, but meerly negative , is no righteoufnefs at all; for a true Righteoufnefs is a pofitive conformity unto the law , the Rule of Righteoufnefs : and as the Righteoufnefs is but nega- tive and Interpretatively Inch ; fo mutt the juflification be , that is founded thereupon. He thinketh to prove this from Korn. 4: 6, 7, 8. & addeth, a Rtghteot.fnefs without works mull needs be a negative or privative Righteoufnefs . The Imputation ofr %ghteoufnefs vers 6. it vnterpreted vers 7, 8. to be a not imputing of fin. Anf. The place cited , as we declaredabove giveth no countenance un- to this ferric of the word jufitfication; but evinceth rather the contrary. A righteoufnefs without our works (which is the Apotties meaning ) may be, & is no negative nor privative Righteoufnefs; but a pofitive, full and corn- pleat Righteoufnefs, being the Surety- righteoufnes of Chrift, the Spon- for : and the Text faith , not , That this Righteoufnefs is nothing elfe , than a non-Imputation of fin , but inferreth rather the Imputation of Righ- teoufnefs, as the caufe, from the Non- imputation of fin, as the Effect; and all this to prove that juftificarion is not by the works of the law. Hetelsus, that we have the like defcription ofthis ljighteoufner, 2. Cor. Ç. that which vert 19. he calls in God , the not imputing of our fias unto us, he calls in us vers 2r. a being made the righteoufnefs of God in Him. Anf. This is a plaine perverfion of the fcope of the meaning of the words : for vers 21. the Apottle is giving the ground & reafon of what was Paid vers 19. & showing how this Reconciliation & Non Imputation of fin is founded, & what is the fpecial ground thereof; as appeareth by the particle for vers 21. for He bath made Him fin , &c. He faith This is moll plaine , A I. i3 : ; 8, 39. where forgivenefs offins is i»rmediatlythereafter called juilification. Anf. Ml that can be hence inferred , is, that in juflification fins are pardoned; or that Inch as have forgivenefsoffins are juftified ; o: that there do infeparably go toge- ther : But no appearance of proof here, that they areboth one thing ; or that in juflification there is no more, but pardon of fins. He profecureth this purpofe yet further,faying,This is the mofl ufual dT proper fignification of the word , juftifie , not to fign fy the giving or b.ftowing rf a complete pofrtive righteou fete fs ; but only an acquiring or di( charging d?' letting a man free from guilt dr penalty, due unto fuch things as were laid to his charge. Anf. (t) Nor do we fay , that juflification fignifieth Inch a giving & beflowiiigofa corn - pleat, pofitive Righteoufnefs; but that it fignifieth a declaring & pronoun- cing of a perfon to be righteous : & therefore prefuppofeth this giving or be- /towing of a compleat Righteoufnefs : for the man whom God declared)