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r40 Objections from Scripture anfwered; C H A P. I r, Text ? The Apoftle is here shewing , upon what ground he defired to ftand, in hips appearing before God )8z. exprefiy renounceth ah his former privileges & what once he had an high efteem for ; & particularly alfa his own Righ- teoufnefs, of whatfoever kind , that confijied in his obedience to the law; & he faith not , whichconfifleth in my full obedience to the late; but , in mote own righteoufnefs, which is ofthe law. And , in oppofition to all this , he defireth to be found in Chrift, ltated & hid in Him, which includeth Chrift's Righ- teoufnefs : for Chrift & His Righteoufnefs are not feparated ; & the Right teoufnefshealloexprefly mentioneth , calling it , that which is through the faith of Cbrifl, & agar ne , the l ighteoufnefs , which is of God by faith. By which he cannot meane the a:Ct offaith , for that is his own righteoufnefs, all which, he renounced ; for it was conforme to the law & commandement , being en- joined by the law of God , otherwife it had been no at ofobedience. More- over; Faith is not through faith , nor by faith ; but this Righteoufnefs,. which Pau/fought after , is a righteoufnefs, that is through faith & by faith, as an Infirument laying hold upon it , & applying it; Faith cannot be that Righteoufnefs , which is through faith , or by the faith of Chrift ; for if fo, Chrift should be rendered ufelefs , & the nature of faith in Chrift should be changed , feing true faith in Chrift carrieth the foul out of it Pelf to Chrift, to the end a Righteoufnefs may be had. Faith , lure , is not the Righteouf- nefs , which is of God , wrought by God , & imputed by Him. So that when Paul defired to be found in Chrift , having the Righteoufnefs, which is through faith in Chrifi, even the Righteoufnefs, which is of God by faith, what can be more plaine , than that he defired to be found in the Righteouf- nefs of Chrift , which is imputed by God , & received by faith? As to this place , our Adverfary. frameth no formal argument there- from , but hath fome obferves, tending rather to make it ufelefs to our point , than direEily ro confirme his own Chap. 6. pap, 84. I. shall only take notice of filch things, as he alleigeth to darken the glorious light of the grace of God , shineing with a meridian brightnefs in this paf- fage. He( i. e. Paul) Both not fay (faith he) that he may be foundin His righteouf- nefs; much lets in His righteoufnefsimputed to him; but frmply in Himfelf; which is an of ìal expref on in Scripture of the Spiritualfiate fig condition of a Belee- mer. An f. (I) To be found in Chrift, who is the publick perfon & Surety, is to be found in His Surety - righteoufnefs : for Chrift & His Righteoufnefs are no more feparated , than a Surety as fuch , and his Surety payment and fatisfathon : And therefore , when Paul (poke of being found in Him, he emphatically enough exprefhed what we fay. (z) It is true, the . expreflîon, in Chrifl,n doth elfe -where !denote a fpiritual flare , but here Paul fpeaketh not limply of being in Chrift , but of being in Him , in or- der to the having of a Righteoufnefs, wherewith to appear before God; in order to which., he had renounced all his former privileges and attain- ments.. What iris (faith he) to be found in Chrifi , he expref feth , negatively thus , not having mine own.righteoufnefs, yet not[imply dg altogether, no righteoufnefs, that