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C H A r. 1z. Mr. Gpodw Imput. anfevered. 167 have ben truely & really a Tranfgreffcur of the Law , in His perfon. Hence we fee , that his proof, that God did not look upon Chrift fo , is impertinent; for we do not fay fo, knowing that to look upon Chrift , as one that had truely finned , were to look upon Him , as deferving in Him -4v' felf what was inflicted upon Him; & that God's judgment is alwayes accor- ding to truth ; & that Chrift knew no fin in Himfelf, but was made fin, as having the guilt of our finnes imputed CO Him , when He put Himfelf, in our room & Law -place ; & fo He died & Suffered for us , in Our Mead, & became a Sacrifice for fin , having the guilt, thereof laid on Him. Obj. 17. gag. 173. If then. ghteoufnefs of Chrift' be imputed unto us, in our jufr`ifiCation, then God dot& look, upon us , as worthy of that jußOcation, B t this is an unclean raying. Ergo. The Major he thus proveth. If God reputes me to have kept the Law , as perfeEtly as Chrift did , He 'nun conceive of me as worthy ofmy ju%ttfication; for as the fulfilling of the Law, d1 dejcrvtng ju- ftification , are the fame Rpm. 4:4. So the reputing ofa man to have done the one, is the reputing of him to have deferved the other. The Minor he thus confirmeth., Becauje then God should show us no grace or favour in our jußifi'cation. Mom. 4: 4. with RP= It: 6. ) But if any favour be chewed , it is only in this , that He reputeth us worthy to be /unified , or puts a worthinefs upon us for jolts fication; whereas the Scripture exprefly affirmed), that God ju fii faeth the ungodly that is the t+nworthy Etom, 4: 5. Anf. Unto all this, I fay (i.) 'T e fay not , that God imputeth to us the righteoufnefs of Chrift, in juftification ; But that He Both it in order to justification. (2.) Though, Chrift's Righteoufnefs be imputed to us ; Yet it will not rollow ; that God looketh upon us , as worthy of our juftification , ,t)4 in ourfelves : & it may be yeelded , that He looketh on us , when clothed with Chrift's righteoufnefs , as worthy of juftification, vì{ in Chrift our Surety , with whole righteoufnefs we are now covered, when it is imputed unto us. But then the co. clufion will make nothing againft us. t(3.) If the meaning be , that therefore God loo- keth upon us, as worthy of juftification in our (elves, the con(équence is falfe; & the Reafon 'adduced for confirmation is invalide : for the Text 4. fpeaketh of him that worketh , & fo hath the ground of the me- rite in hinìfelt: he indeed that fulfilleth the Law in himfelf deferveth to be juftified. And let our Adverfaries fee to this , who will have no Rigliteouf- nets imputed , but our own faith , which is in us, & is our own , & is,. in their account , as good as the fulfilling of the Law , & is accepted for that end: for Sure, fuck as have this faith which is in them , reputed for their righteoufnefs , upon the account of which they are juftified, muff have the reward reckoned to them , not of grace , but of debt.; & fo mutt merite & deferve their luftification , in full & proper fenfe. (4. ) It is nor to be admitted , as a truth, wit hour the forementioned liftinétion, to fay, that the reputing of a man to have done the one, is the reputing of him to have deferved the other, for to repute a man to have done the one , in his own , perfon , rs indeed a : eputing of him to have deferved the other. But we affert no fuch Reputation in God ; for His judgment is according to a uth; V 3 . But