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17o Mr. Goodwin's Arg, agaiuf r?nput. anfwered. C x A r. It there is a neceffity for the Imputation of faith , as our Righteoufnefs , not withftanding of all that Chrift hath done; and why may he not grant the fa- me neceflîty for the Imputation of the Righteoufnefs of Chrift ? wiIl it fa- tisfie him , that we found the neceflity of Imputation of Chrift's Righteouf- nefs on the fame ground ? (z) Though we should not be in cafe to afligne the real & juft ground of this neceffìry ; yet, I judge, it should fatisfie us, that the Lord , in His wifdom & Goodnefs , hath thought fit to appointe and or- daine this methode & manner of j uftification ; & fo far should we be from difputing againft this Truth with filch Arguments , & from rejecting of it until' we be fatisfied , as to the grounds of necetiity requiring this , that we should receive it clofe with it , and embrace it with all thankfulnefs , asa Ivlyfteryof Love , free Grace & wifdom , that Angels may wonder at. (3) Yet , acceding to the Scriptures , we may fay , that the Truth & juftice of God require this : for His judgment is aiwayes according to truth IZom. z: z. and it would be an abomination in His eyes to juftifie one every way wick- ed. Therefore , if He pronounce a perfon righteous , in His fight, which He Both when He jultifieth a perfon, that perfon muff be Righteous per - fon: but when no man can bejuttified, or pronounced Righteous , as being inherently Righteous Pfal. 13o: 3. & 143: 2. all, who are juftified, mutt be clothed with an Imputed Righteoufnefs: for God mutt be juft , even when he juftifieth him , which beleeveth in Jefus f rom. 3:26. In reference to the juflice ofGod, he faith , That there is nothing at all ne- cegary to be done either by God himfelf , or by man , about juflif cation ofa firmer, by way of Satisfaction to the ju [lice of God , fince that one offering of Chrift of him - fèlf upon the crofs. Anf. We plead not for Imputation , upon any fuch ac- count : nor do we fee the leaft ground to think , that this should derogat any thing from the full & compleat Satisfaáion of Chrift , made to juftice , or from the price, laid down by Him , as if this Imputation were required, to fupply fome thing wanting there: Yea our dotrtrineofImputation doth ra- ther confirme & etablish the fame , it being an application of the Sponfor's Surety- righteoufnefs , or payment & Satisfaftion unto the debtors , in or- der to their Abfolution & freedome from the fentence. Though the Surety, bath paid the creditor; yet the Law may require , that when the debtor is charged or challenged for the debt, the payment of his Surety be inftruftëd & made manifeft unto the judges : And yet it will not hence follow, that the Satisfadionor payment , made by the Surety, was defeartive and in- fufcient. He further faith That God can as well and as truelypronounce that Man righ- teous , that wants a literal or legal Righteoufnefs ( efpecially fuppofing he hath another itighteoufnefc, holding any analogy or proportion thereto) as he may ac- count any Mans uncircurncifion circumcifìon Rom. z: 26. 4nf, That the Lord may deal with one uncircumcifed that keepeth the Law, no lets than if he were circumcifed ; and fo thereby declare, that He valueth not outward cir- cumcifion fo much , as the jewes were ready to dream , who queftioneth ? But what is this ro the bufinefs in hand ? shall we therefore think , that the Lotd, whofe judgment is according to truth , shall account any Righteous, who