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C H A P. s: Naturally we cry up Self in 7tß fti fication: p t tures , we may faifly fuppofe, that as the faith & praEtice of that truth is neceffary ; fo there rnuft be much reluâancy of Soul in us to receive the fame , & to clofe with it , and a ftrong Inclination to beleeve & praEtife the contrary. I I I. In the Infancy of Chriflianity , we fee, what a firong Inclination there was to cry -up works what we do , & the Law , as the only ground of juflification ; or , at leaf} , to have a fhare with Chrifl , in that Intereft, which gave occafìon to the penning of thefe Epiflles of Paul, where this matter is fo fully & clearly handled; particularly that to the Roman; , & that to the Galatia: ; & unto the fpeakinglefs or more hereunto , in almofl all his other Epiftles. And this Inclination to the crying up ofworks & the Law , in Oppofition to the pure Gofpel -way of juflificatton , was not only among the Gentiles, who had been without God , & without Chrifl, & all the Meanes of underflanding any thing of Salvation, through a flame Saviour; but even arnongft the Jewes, who, by the Difpenfation of the New Covenant , which they were under , might have been better prin- cipled ; for it was they who molt urged the Intereft of the Law , & of works , & thereby! laboured to corrupt the Gentiles , & to lead them off the fimplicity of the Gofpel-truth ; and of them, faith the Apoftle IZom. io: 3. that, being ignorant of God's fQghteoufnefr, d? going about to eflablifh their own righteoufnefs, they have not fubmitted themfelves unto the righteoufnefs of God. They fought after a Righteoufnefs another way, than by faith in Chrifl , who is the end of the Law for righteounefs , to every one that be- leeveth kom. Io: 4. but as it were by the works of the Law 9: 3 2. I V. The Pharifee , who went up to the Temple Luk. IS: iI, 12. & pray- ed thus with. himfelf God, I thank thee, that I am net, as other men are, Extortioners, Unjuß, adulterers , or even as this Publican : 1 faß twice in the week, I give Tithes of all that I poffeffe, &c. hath many followers. Many there are, who will have confidence in the flefh, & in what they do. Nature never taught Paul,to account alibis great Privileges & Attainments lofs & dung; but rather to account them gaine; for he faith , they w ere gaine to him; that is, while he was a ftranger to the Gofpel, & to the Grace of God, manifefled therein. Hence is it, that the !ail are frfl, dr the frß are laß; fuch, as thought themfelves far advanced, & to have attained a great meafure of righteoufnefs, & fo to be children of the Kingdom are Phut out,' & Publicanes & Harlots are preferred , as being willing to renounce themfelves & their own righteoufnefs more, than fuch Legalißs & , who confide in fomething, which they thetn- fclves do , & have attained. V. This is alto manifeft from the great difficulty of prevaling with fuch, as teem to themfelves to have in them fomething more than ordinary, to relinquifh & renounce thefe things , & to betake themfelves only unto Jefus , & to refi on Him alone , for Righteoufnefs, Life & Salvation ; & from the little fruit that the Gofpel Doctrine findeth among them. How many fubterfuges finde they out, under which they think to fhelter them - (elves from the wrath of God ? flow many fig - leaves do they fewe toge- ß 2 ther,