Brown - BS2685 B86 1695

I3 A life of juflificatiou. ,CHAP: 5, rìghteou( nets, without work; Paying, blef ed are they tvhofe iniquities are for- given , and whofe finnes are covered. Bleffed is the man, to whom the Lord will not impute fn. See Pfal. 32: I, 2. If then they be brought into a (fate of bleffednefs , they inuit be a in a (late oflife for death and blef ednefs are inconfrftent. 5. They are faidto be redeemed ; and confequently brought out of the Efate of death wherein they were , Ephef. 1:7. In whom we have redemption, through his bloud , the forgivenefs offins, according to the riches ofhis grace. In & by jufhification is this forgivenefs of finnes , whereby they are made par- takers of a redemption. See Col. i. i 4. Where the fame is afferted by the Apoflle. For further clearing of this , let us fee wherein this life conlïfteth ; and then we shall not only fee , that it is really a life , but alto , that it is a fpe- ci'al and excellent life. To this end therefore , let us confider thefe following particulars. i.. Hereby they have Remiflion and pardon oftheir Iniquities, as was now cleared , and is manifeft from Rom. 3: 24, 25. Being juflified freely by ¡his grace, through the redemption that is in ¢efus Chrijl; whom God bath fet fort to be a propitiationfor the remigion offins , that are pall, d?c. And by this Re- minion and pardon of fins they have a freedom and exemption from the Curie and wrath ofGod, that was lying upon them , and to which they were obnoxiòus by fin and guilt , Orginal and Aìual, which they were to be charged with , that being the penalty threatned in the Law , even death and the Curfe of God ; for it is written, curled is every one that continueth not in all things written in the Law, to do them , Gal. 3 :1o. Deut. 27: 26. 0 how excellent a life is this, to be delivered from the wrath of the Almighty , fin - revenging God , and from the Curie and malediction of the great Legiffator, and dreadful Judge ? How rightly may they be laid to live, who are freed from the fentence of death, to which they were liable; from the penalty of the broken Law of the great God of Heaven and Earth; and from that doom, that all, who shall not share of this rich privilege of Remillìon, shall be made to hear at length , depart fromme, ye Curfed, d?c. A perfon guilty of death and lying in chaines, looking for nothing but the fentence & doom to be given outagatnft him, would think himfelf a living man, if in ffead of that fentence, which he was every houre looking for, he should hear of a free and gracious pardon. Much more may this flare of Remit-lion be looked upon as -a Rate oflife. (2) They are hereby freed from that death, Slavery and Tyranny, which the Law did exercife over them before , and clod: exerce over all fuch , as are not yet juftified , for as the Law difcove- reth fin , Rpm. 3: 2o. So it worketh wrath Rpm. 4. x T. And thereby bath dominion over a man , binding him over in chains , as it were, unto the wrath &, Curie of God. But Chrìf} bath now delivered them from the Curfe of the Law, being made aCurfefor them, Gal. 3:13. And they by faith having fled to him , are pardoned, and the Law hath no more to fay, efpecially feing it is fatified by the Cautioners being made a Curie , and having fulfil - ed it in our Natureand place, Rom. S: 3,4, Thus are they freed from and dead