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l T H E PREFACE TO TH E READ E R. T is the true wifdome of a Chriíhian to underftand aright and with a fpiritual eye to difcern the great difference between the Law and the Gofpel , the Covenant of Works and that of Grace, the Legal and Euangelical Juftilication , the ignorance whereof is the great Caufe of molt errours this day a- mong profefï'ed Chriffians. When our bleffed Saviour came into the world, he found flowing out of this bad foun- tain a multitude of Heretics in the Jewish Church , de- ceived by the Pharifees, blind Leaders of a' blind People, ereeting& eftablishing their our Righteoufnefs before the throne of God. And it is certain that our Lord Jefus Chrift was rejehed of the Jews, becaufe they could not believe their own;unrighteoufiiefs, miferie & condemna- tion by the Law, nor be made to feek in the . 2e iah his Sufferings & Satisfa&ion the true expiation of fins and a compleat Righteoufnefs, fufficient to eternal happinefs. Certainly they underftood not the promifes of the Pro- phets, efpecially that of Ifaiah Chap. LAIR. neither loo- ked they to the end of the Ceremonial oeconomie & Law * z which