Brown - BS2685 B86 1695

C H A P. C. What myfferies are in jufsification. 37 upon Him , as fuch a fatisfying Cautioner & Redeemer , the finner acknow- ledgeth the Law , in all its force, confefiìng himfelf a Tranffrefour, and obnoxious to the Curfe; & now prefenting to the Law & Law -giver the obe- dience & Satisfa &ion of Chrift , whereby both its commands& Sanûion are fully anfwered ; & refting thereupon as the only ground of his Abfolution from the fentence of the Law for his guilt , and of his right to the Crown which he formerly had forfeited. 4. Here is another myftery. That filch, as are unrighteous, and Un- godly , should be declared and pronunced Righteous. In juftification, the perfon is declared not guilty, of what was laid to his charge, in order to pu- nishment & that juridically ; and fo he is declared free from the punish- ment , that the Accufer was feeking to have infli&ed upon him ; and fo is declared & pronunced to be a righteous man , though not one , that hath not finnett, yet now one, thatislurtdically righteous. But how can this be , feingjevery man and woman is guilty before God , and is come short of the glory of God ? The myflery Meth here ( as was faid ) The righteoufnefs of their Cautioner , Chrift, is reckoned upon their fcore , and is imputed to them , & they receive it by faith , and fo it becometh theirs ; for now by faith they are united unto Chrift, & become members of His myftical body, He being the Head and true Reprefentative ; & thereby He and they are one Perfonin Law , (being one Spirit ) as the Hufband and the Wife are one per - fon in Law (being one flesh) and as the Reprefenter and Reprefented, the Cautioner & principal debtor and thus they have a true intereft in His Righteoufnefs & obedience to the Law , which He yeelded, not upon His own account being not obliged thereunto , antecedently to His own volun- tary condefcenfion for us ; for as to His perfon , He was God , and fo not obnoxious to any fuck Law, impofed upon man, who is in the way to the obtaining of a Crown , as the end of his race : yea nor was this requtfite , as to His humane Nature . which, by vertue of the perfonal union with the God -head was , as to it felf, either in Patric, and in poffe(lion of the State of bleffednefs; or in a capacity thereto,. without working therefore : And it is certaine, that therefore His being made under the Law , was for His owne people , that , in their room , He might, in the Nature of Man, give perfect obedience to the Law ; and fo make up a righteoufnefs, with which they might all become clothed, , by Imputation on Gods part , & by ceiving it, on their part ; and fo be juftified. Hence -faith the Apoftie, by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous , Rpm. 5:19. And thus are they, who are unrighteous in rhemfelves ,. being Tranfgreffours of the Law , conftituted righteous as to the Commands of the Law by the righteoufnefs of their Cautioner. As alfo they are , though guilty in themfelves & obnoxious to wrath , yet pronunced free , and abfolved from that charge, by the Imputation of the Satisfation of Chrift , made in His fufferings, & death who did bear our\griefs, and carry our forrower, and -was wounded fine our tranfgref ions , and brsiifed for our iniquities the chg./liftmen: fo ent. of our peace was upon Him, and with. firipes we are healed, Eral. 53:. 4i 5. I Pet. 2: 24. And his own felf 6* our fins, in His own body on the tree.. 3 3, There