Brown - BS2685 B86 1695

51 What myf feries in juf i fication. C H A P. 6. & Ufes , for which the Imputation of Chrift's Righteoufnefs is required; ozherwife they could not think , that the alTertingot the one fhould tend to the juffling out of the other. But whatever they imagine, we afl'ert no fuch thing; but affirme. That Chrift bath purchafed the whole of our Remifon : and Repentance, whatever Paps. is fay hath no intereft herein; nor bath it any merite with-it , whether ex condigno, or excongruo, to pro- cure Remif ion, & the Favoure of God, or Reconciliation with Him; but it is only required in its own place , to accompany faith , & to follow upon it, as a futable & profitable exercife for finners, advanced to fuch high favoures & Privileges. And the Imputation of Chrift's Righteoufnefs can no more prejudge the exercife of this grace, than of any other Golpel- Grace, or duty , fuch as Love, Fear , Hope prayer , Patience &c. but ra- ther incite & encourage to it (x.) what was formerly Paid of faith & its harmonious agreement with the Imputation of Chrift's Righteoufnefs, will fufficiently alto clear & confirme this : for if the Adverfaries fpeak of legal-Repentance , the Imputation of Chri(f's Righteoufnefs will no mo- re take that away, than faith , for it preceedeth faith, whereby the fin - ner laith hold on Ch rift. And if theyfpeakof Gofpel Repentance ( which is more to the purpofe ) they muff know , that though in its Exercife ( at leaft in its remarkakle exercife) it doth follow faith, and in order of Na- ture is pofleriour to it ; Yet it is infeparably connected therewith ; fo that where faith is, there is & muff alfo be Repentance, at leaff , in its root & begun exercife: for a finner cannot rightly accept of & clofe witlrChriff, as offered in die Gofpel for Gofpel ends , & in a Gofpel manner , & ac- cording to the call of the Gofpel , but withal! he mutt have a fight & fen - fe of his fins, & a hatred- thereof, as alfo a purpofe firme & fixed, to turn from them unto God, as allo an Endeavour after new obedience. Yea, we finde fometimes, Repentance preffed, as including faith in it; as when preffed in order to pardon & acceptance with God : Sometimes againe it is mentioned together with faith, as being infeparable there- from. (3.) As the Imputation of the Righteoufnefsof Chrift, and the jutfi- fication of beleevers thereupon, doth not put them in fuch a cafe', as they shall finne no more afterward , fo neither doth it take away the Ufefulnefs ç . and neceflïty of renewed Ads offaithand Repentance; nor in the kalt wea- ken the after exercife of thefe Graces, but rather doth excite thereunto, each in their proper place, and to their proper ends, in'order to atual par- don according to the Gofpel Method , in which it is required, that ;ufli- flied perlons or Believers repent of their after fìnnes, and by faith flee to Chrilt for pardon, and as at the firti, fo afterward there can be no true exercife of faith toward our Lord jefus Chritf, for pardon of after finnes, - `:without a true exercife of Repentance towards God , thefe perpetually ac- companying other : yet we muff not think , that Repentance confidered by it Pelf, and as dittint from fairh , bath the fame Int.erett in the Covenant, for pardon , ER or laWI, that faith hath: for neither doth it fo ad on Chrift and his Righteoufnefs, in order to pardon , as faith Both ; nor is it appoin- ted) or called for, for that end : and when it is enjoined and mentioned ,