Brown - BS2685 B86 1695

So yußif.tbreugh ¡input. of Ch.Right. cleetred from the N.T. C H A P. S; as we heard (9,) It feemeth by this Interpretation , that there was no Emi- nency of holinefs or walking after the Spirit , among thofe , who were un- der the Law; which is utterly falle (ro.) Chrift , by His coming, did not only fulfil Mofes's writrings , but alto all the predictions & prophecies, many of which are elle where to be found, than in Mofes's writtings. Yet to fortifie this Audacious & groundlefslnterpretation. He tels us I. That this Interpretation ( as far at leaf!, as eoncerneth the clatt- fe in quell:on, that the Righteoufnefs of the Law might be fulfilled in us ) is confirmed by the ftneet proportion between, filch a ful filling &c. as the effeíl, & that fending of ChriJl di'c. as the caufe oc meanes thereof. Anf. But before this proportion appear to be fo Tweet , it muff beshown to us, what proportion there is hereby kept with the manifeft fcope of the Apoftle, which is to cleare & explaine , how there is now no condemnation to them , which are in Chrill jefus, notwithltanding of the weaknefs of the Law , through the flesh. As allo it muff be shown to us, what intereft there words,for what the Law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh , have , or can have , in this Interpretation : for a proportion , that fuireth not all the parts of the Text, is but a difproportion , being a plaine perverfion of the true meaning of the words. He tels us. z. In this Interpretation the word aA4e(dP, fulfilled bath its proper e genuine force , which is to fignify the accomplishment, making good , or full ma- nifeflation ofa thing , which before was only promifed, or foretold. Anf. Not on- ly the verb 9rhr,Qa' & 7rX4pelo,eeut is often taken in another fenfe than is here alleged , as we fee t om.13:8. Gal. 5: r4, but the very verb in the fame Tenie & Mood , that is here vii., rAnpwA, fì. sufed ,to import fome other thing, than a fulfilling of what waspromifed, as we fee 2.Cor. io: 6. when your obedience is fulfilled, that is, perfected, ellablished & confirmed. So job. i5: ir. & that your joy might be full, or fulfilled, that is, might be aboundant and full in all points, and upon all confiderations. So Luk. 22: 16. until! it be fulfilled in the l(ingdom of heaven , that is, perfected. He tels us. 3. The Righteoufnefs of the Law here mull be the fame with that mentioned. Rom. 3: 21, 31. Anf. The Righteoufnefsof the Law here, is the Lawes :aceúwux jus, right & demand, which was Satisfied by what Chriff, the Surety, did & Suffered. But that Righteoufnefs , mentioned Rom, 3: 21. is the Righteoufnefsof God, or of Chrif}, which he performed to Satisfie the ;:zuarcoFax or Righteoufnefs of the Law ; & fo they are not the fame formally , this being the obligation , & that the payment. It is true, the Law here & Rom. 3: 3 r: is the fame ; & that maketh for us, as appeareth by our foregoing Vindication of that place. He tels us. 4. By this Interpretation, this paffage is of perfeEl Sympathy with thole Rom. 3: 2I, 22, 25, Anf This alfo will make for us, as appeareth by our foregoing Vindication, where this glofs was rejearled : & I wonder, how he could imagine fuch a perfeft agreement, feingthere mention is ma- de of the Prophets, as well as of the Law, giving countenance to Gofpel juflification 1 but hereby his Interpretation, only the Law of Mofes is un- der flood: where then will he make his harmony appear ? And what would he